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30 Mar

Wedding DJ Info Part 1 – Preparing

Djing for a Wedding is a little to a lot different than what a Dj would be used to when you do a club,bar, etc. You don"t have to mix the music beat for beat all thru the night.You will have to be prepared for anything that may happen.I have been doing Weddings for at […]

29 Mar

What do I need to become a Wedding DJ?

This seemed to be about the next best topic to write about. What do I need to be come a Wedding DJ. Well here it goes …. I have to say it……Some Djing equipment!!!!!I figured by now that you know me as some sort of comedian and a very personable person. To do a Wedding, […]

29 Mar

What do good Dj’s have?

Well, this question was not able to be answered in as easy of a manner that you would expect. There are a lot of variables to consider. 1, Is the Dj experienced or is he one that is just starting out and would like to get the same equipment that his favorite Dj has. 2, […]

28 Mar

The Big Question! Monster cable versus line cord

The Big Question that was imposed to me by a lot of so called Speaker Oficianaldo"s was what about the sound when you use line cord versus the Monster cable. I will now take you back, in my time machine, to the early 1980"s. Some of the special speaker wire and some of it"s claims […]

28 Mar

Is the speaker Ready?

Is the speaker ready, will be a short bit of advice for someone who needs to find out if the wire that they are using is the right type.Before it"s to late.Keep in mind you looked at the amplifier and on the back it said that it was 200 watts at 8 ohms. So you […]

27 Mar

Trivia Answered

I had asked a trivia question in a blog last week and now is the time to see if you were right.I asked, in the days of records, when they made the 45"s they made them with the same amount of grooves from beginning to end no matter how long the song played for. No […]

26 Mar

Stopped in my groove.

Some of you people stopped me to actually take time to find out more info on a couple of ideas that were submitted. No I am not going to stop my help line for Dj"s except I found out from some of you that I may have to come to grips with this fast paced […]

25 Mar

Is your business Road Ready?

Now is the time where you sit back and think to yourself. How am I going to get all these sperate pieces of equipment from my home to the job site and look like a Pro or at least someone that has been doing it for a while.You do know that when you were in […]

24 Mar

DJ Know how: Selling Yourself Part 2

I hope that the first part wasn"t too confusing to some of you. I just wanted you to get the feel of being a salesperson and how not to be too confusing to the clients that you talk to.It may have sounded to you that I was.When you go out and say "Hey, I have […]

24 Mar

Dj know how: Selling yourself Part 1

Today"s topic deals with How to sell yourself.You sometimes forget that you are not the only Dj out there and that means that you have to sell yourself to your potential customers. It may come in the form of a School for a dance, A Bride for her Wedding or a Business for an office […]

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