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27 Apr

Computer DJ”s Hi-Tech Gadgets

It has now come time for the computer Dj to go Hi-Tech with his Business. The next few items that I"m going to suggest will help in the set-up of lighting for your gig. Obviously you went to using a computer to make it easier and lighter to get to your job, so why not […]

25 Apr

How to look for a DJ (Disc Jockey)

How to find a DJ, act like a Customer. You are going to have an event and it comes down to either hire a dj or a band for your entertainment. So with the prices of bands, and how long they play with breaks of 15 – 20 minutes long, the band was not worth […]

23 Apr

Playlist”s, MP3, Radio, Mobile DJ

I seem to see that whoever is asking for playlists doesn"t have a set of ears.By this I mean that they never have listened to a radio before, or how do they find out what is new. What kind of list do you read to find out what you still need to buy for yourself. […]

22 Apr

Multiple Speakers,Wire and Matching

Questions, questions, questions. All need an answer. To the New readers of my Blog, take a few minutes to read the matching topic in which you are inquiring about and if that doesn"t give you the answer that you are looking for then just write me a comment or e-mail me at and I […]

21 Apr

Speakers/ small vs large

This next question that I got asked was what I thought of Bose speakers. Just like Vinyl vs CD……MP3 vs CD…….Computer vs …….. I guess you get the point. It is all up to your preference and where you are going to use this type of speaker. Bose Panaray 802 Series III Loudspeaker can handle […]

21 Apr

DJ on BBC Radio

Well I have to say that Radio Djing is not what some of you really think it is. And many of you asked about the Pay that the radio Dj makes. Well for starters, you can ask yourself, are you doing a club on a regular basis. Do you poses the uncanny ability to talk […]

20 Apr

Computer Dj Event

Now that I have all the Computer and Laptop Dj"s attention! There is a site to visit that shows of a Computer Show and Spinoff. Also you can look at joining their Club which I heard that if you reply soon it will be $100 for a one year membership. While you are at their […]

20 Apr

PC Dj or Laptop

I"m having a hard time grasping all that I have come in contact with and now I may want to incorporate a computer into my own Djing Gigs. I found out that it really doesn"t matter too much if you use a Laptop or a PC to do your mixing with. But I did find […]

19 Apr

Computer DJ, MP3, wav, etc.

The time has come to be a computer Dj. You have been subjected to all types of music and now you want an easy way to make a mix CD and get away with it. Basicly that is all this type of program is.You pick the songs for your play list, load them into the […]

18 Apr

Amplifier,Speakers,Which do you buy first?

It seems that a lot of you are still new to the business and keep asking, What do you buy first, the speaker or the amplifier. Well it really is hard to tell you since both of these components are an important part of your Djing system. They both have to be well enough to […]

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