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31 May

This DJ confused about MP3″s

I"m writing this in the state of confusion. I hear all of the new dj"s loading mp3"s from different sites and that the downloads that come in sometimes are at different levels or at different start up times as compared to a CD or a record I just don"t see any real convenience to this […]

27 May

Revue of Virtual DJ / Manual

I have been playing with the Virtual DJ a lot but I am still stumped as to which program is the best for me. Do I use Virtual Dj, PCDJ Red, or one of my other favorites Mixmeister. Every one of these programs are made by different people for different people. Each and every one […]

27 May

DJ”s computer mix takes a break

It is another time of the year that I am not at home and I just ordered a new laptop to play around with when it comes in. I just wanted to say was "have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Celebration". It is times like this that I reflect on all the Dads and […]

26 May

PCDJ vs. BPM Studio

Good day and welcome to the best of both, PCDJ vs. BPM Studio. Both companies right out of the box tell you that they will run well on your PC or your Laptop computer.They each tell you that in order to use the headphones at the same time as the output of the card you […]

25 May

DJ, Laptop, FREE deal / Web ad

Now I bet that got your attention! Yes I did say get a Free ad on my blog site. Any Dj that would like to have their Name put on a web site will have the chance. I will be taking in all kinds of e-mail with all the info i will be posting. Any […]

25 May

Mobile DJ vs. Studio DJ Equipment

Boy, this Question seemed like a no brainer to me but I guess that I take this thing called a computer, for granted. It seems that as you look at all the computer has to offer, it would be used to do more than flip thru games, mp3"s, Ebay, etc.,etc..You are now going to slow […]

22 May

Bose Speakers/Great Portability

I had a set of Bose 901"s after I started to make a little more money with my Dj jobs. I did"t have much to carry them around in, A Pontiac Ventura. It got me to all the places I had to go to do my jobs. It was only then that I bought a […]

21 May

CD and DVD Storage

Looking for a really good means of transporting your CD"s or DVD"s to and from your gig can be messy if you still keep them in cardboard boxes. stacking them can crush them and sorting thru them can get a little messy if you have somebody else look thru them. Never know what space they […]

18 May

Nightclub Equipment/start in existing building

So you want to be the Big Guy. You want to own and setup your on Nightclub to DJ at. Well this is the basic amounts you will need to get started. All amounts are in USD so if you have to convert it to your currency, please do. I will give you the totals […]

17 May

Inside The Club Dj

Please bear with me on this subject since there is a few different places to have this done by and not knowing how big of a place we have i will have to guess on a size and how many bars we have and if we want videos on the walls or just lighting. They […]

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