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18 May

Nightclub Equipment/start in existing building

So you want to be the Big Guy. You want to own and setup your on Nightclub to DJ at.

Well this is the basic amounts you will need to get started. All amounts are in USD so if you have to convert it to your currency, please do.

I will give you the totals as a low end and then a high end project.

Rent $3000/ $12000
Heat,AC,plumbing,paint,upgrade,smoke detectors, $25000/ $150000
Refurbish chairs,tables $15000/ $45000
lease,dj sound system,smoke machine
laser,mirror effects $35000/ $150000
Kitchen equipment,draft,
micro brew,hand sinks,concession equipment $10000/ $20000
Cash reserve $50000/ $150000
Sign age,exterior,exit signs,etc. $5000/ $15000
Legal fees,licence,permits $18000/ $40000
Point of sale,merchant accounts
credit card terminals $10000/ $35000
Fire fight expense,sprinklers
alarm,estinguishers extinguishers$15000/ $30000
Beginning inventory
bar supplies,food $15000/ $40000
Opening salary deposits $15000/ $50000
Insurance $500/ $4000
Grand opening marketing $1000/ $25000
Other expences add 10% of total
Total start up $239250/ $837100

Starting from scratch could be even higher.

Now you can see why I don"t own a place yet, but am working my way there. Ha Ha!

I hope that this was informative to some of you and next I will show you some equipment that I would like in my new place.

club DVDVIDEOPAKTotal video system with monitors

club DL150Some long runs of rope light/ pulsate to music

club Colorbank12Place around different parts of dance floor and halls

club F1700Couple remote fog machines

club Intimidator1.0Place a couple around

club Legend250RXGet at least 4 of these

club Legend250RX(2)
so the dance floor has spots

club MA5002VZ(1) You need to have at least 3 or 4 to keep the sound pumpin",with Crown amps.

club OrbiterRG

Great with the fog machines we have

club PL4.0Need some of these for sound everywhere,QSC amps.

clubCDN88easy to use Numark CD players

club SCX500Sys

maybe one of these

Then i shouldn"t forget the light controller board and top end EV or Cerwin Vaga speakers and not to forget our special designed subs.

And this is just for starters because we have to add video projectors and screens to show 3 at one time.

Thank you for reading and have fun.

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