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27 Jun

Laptop DJ, Small Size, Big Results

Well the title just about says it all! Hercules mixer is probably one of the best units for it’s size. It even is at the right price right now, to help the beginning DJ with a laptop. This unit can really help in case of an emergency or great to take a break from records […]

26 Jun

DJ Mixing Video Review

Wow! Have I got a site for you to see and download their video’s. You talk about mixing, scratch mixing, MP3 mixing, CD capable, and one step further, changing the CD while the music is still playing. At first I didn’t believe the capabilities of these single decks until I started watching their video’s. Amazing! […]

24 Jun

DJ Names, Rejected Radio Names

I have been leaving this subject blank for quite some time till I really had to address this subject in a different way. I at first was thinking of all the good dj names out there and said, why copy the good, why not show some of the bad results. so this is what I […]

24 Jun

Speakers get easier to carry

Every one of us is always looking for lighter equipment to carry. But for that big sound we always had to have big and heavy speakers. we all had to strugle getting them onto stands or just getting them into the hall. Now we have a choice to have that big sound in a lighter […]

23 Jun

I-Pod Usage

The I-Pod became the rave for people to store their music. It even gave you a light weight way to carry thousands of songs without the strain on your back carring records or CD’s. But is this device really the way of the future of the dj or is it a new way for the […]

23 Jun

Beginning DJ, Summer Entertainer

Summer is the time of plenty of opportunities. This gives you a chance to get your name out to the public, so they can see and hear you. By this I mean that there is plenty of outdoor events that could give you the exposure you need to give you practice in front of people […]

23 Jun

Laptop DJ / Computer hook-up Guide

When I started talking about a laptop for DJing, I really couldn’t explain to the average user how to put wires, equipment, etc. together. Well all of that changed when skimming thru the computer sites, I found one of the better and simplest hook-up guides. The site is Rocket When you click on the […]

22 Jun

Final Scratch, PCDJ, Laptop, Computer (Pt2)

Now something for the DJ that likes to use rack mountable equipment. I am going to cotinue on the idea of the computer DJ, except in a little larger aspect than just by using a laptop. Companies now have available 1 and 2 space computers that are upgradeable. So here is a couple options starting […]

21 Jun

Final Scratch, PCDJ, Laptop, Computer (Pt1)

I have to say that I have been looking into DJing with a computer more since I had purchased a new laptop. With the new laptop, I have been finding out that there would have been one thing I would update, and that is the ram from 256 to 512. This I would do just […]

16 Jun

The DJ, Entertainer, Main ingredient of a party (pt1)

I know that I have talked about DJing in the sense of a job. But it’s not, it’s more, it’s where you have to act like a magician and with your slight of hand, you are able to turn a regular room into a dance hall full of smiling and amazed dancers. You may even […]

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