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03 Jun

Bose 901 / Bose 802

It came to my attention just the other day that some of you were asking about the Equilizer that Bose used on their speakers.

Bose used a design that alloud you to pump whatever power you wanted to into the speaker and not destroy their 901 speaker. It was done with how they hooked up internaly the small, but powerful speakers. These speakers were first designed for the stereo enthuesiest in mind. come tothink of it, these speakers were made to be hung with their ports facing the wall of your room. they were to be at least 18 inches to two feet from each cornering wall to give it the best sound in your home.

You did notice that I said as a home system. But as you know how we Dj’s are. when we find something that can handle anything that we can put into it, we jump on that product. Dj’s at that time figured tht they new everything and didn’t need to place them against a wall but to just point the ports out and use them. Well, as the story goes, these speakers didn’t have a tremendous amount of bass comming out of them so Bose suggested to use their Active equalizer with the speakers or carry around a big sub unit.

Shortly after, Bose figured that there was no sence to kill the nice looking wood cabinits of their speakers, so they came out with a very versital hard plastic case for their speakers to keep the nice wood look for home.

When I had a pair of these speakers, I should say two sets of these. I would have no problem with whatever I had to DJ for and I liked them till I got much more hungry for the sound of bass, is when I went out and bought a different type of speaker altogether.

the Bose speakers were virtually indestructablewith whatever power you decided to put into it. I remember one day we took my friends Phase Linear amplifier and decided to give it the test. The Phase Linear amp pushed 1000 watts a side rms and needless to say , those speakers took all the power that you put in but didn’t get any loader. Thats right, they had a limit of loadness and then would just absorb the extra power into it’s circutry. We even tried it again outside to see if it was just the accoustics of the room just absorbing it. Needless to say, those speakers seemed to have it’s own limit or shutoff point to where no more sound would be produced as a safety of the speakers.

That now is the reason they sold you their own equalizer for the speakers.

If you are looking for something that is lightweight and sounding good check into the Bose musicians speaker

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