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06 Jun

Mixmeister vs. Virtual Dj Programs

In the Dj business you ask for programs that help the computer Dj out. I don"t think that there is just any one way to explain these programs. These two would be hard to truly explain unless you, the reader has done a little homework on your own.

Lets start with some of the same things that the programs can do.

Both allow you easy access to where you want to get the play list from.
Both let you pick and choose individual mp3"s and both allows entire sections by highlighting them.
They both let you view the song list and the play list side by side
Each let you preview a song and watch what is playing.
They both allow you to change the fx of a song, change the length,quick mix to next song, beatmix or beatmatch each song by BPM, and allows the songs to be played one after another as if you had no matching, as an oldie set where speeds didn"t need to match.
They each show BPM,Time start,Time end,waveform of song playing,automatic level adjust.

Now here is where some of the differences come in, and you will have to decide which of the two programs that you need to use. My son likes the mixmeister program alot more than he likes Virtual Dj. Where I am just the opposite. I favor Virtual Dj but still like some of the features of mixmeister.

From here on I am calling mixmeister the "Mix" and Virtual Dj as the "VDJ".

Mix has the ability of making multiple lists and just switch between them.
Mix can give you the BPM before you start a play list.
Mix let"s you stretch the length of overlap, longer or smaller.
Allows you to throw your sound FX in ahead so you don"t have to mix it in later.
There are a few other things you can do with this that you can"t with VDJ.

VDJ you can watch actual TT so you could place your mouse over it and scratch with it.
You can also use it that way without headphones to match your songs on the fly.
VDJ has a pop-up screen in the middle that has buttons for each deck for EFX.
It has assignable loop panel so you don"t have to keep looking for your favorite one, it"s right there.
It has an assignable beat EFX which you can change the segment of beats.

As I said both programs are good and you would have to figure out which program would be best for you, Both also allow recording of you mixes and also burning to a CD.

If you have anything more to add or would like to ask, send it to me by E-mail or put it into the comments line. Thanks for reading.

PS: Don"t forget to check their manuals online.

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