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23 Jun

Laptop DJ / Computer hook-up Guide

When I started talking about a laptop for DJing, I really couldn’t explain to the average user how to put wires, equipment, etc. together. Well all of that changed when skimming thru the computer sites, I found one of the better and simplest hook-up guides. The site is Rocket

When you click on the link, it will take you right to the page you will need to follow their set-ups. They even tell you which cable to use and where to get it. Thanks to them, I can finally answer the hook-up questions and why the second sound card is needed.

Keep your comments coming, even if you feel that it is a dumb question about DJing, it usually isn’t. I will try to answer it as well as I can. that is the reason this blog was set up. So ask away at:

Thank you for reading

17 Responses to “Laptop DJ / Computer hook-up Guide”

  1. 1
    Jason Says:

    I’m about ready to start playing (trance) for larger crowds. I’m interested in just using my laptop as the main music source. How do I get the setup compared to what you would see or hear at a show? I know I’m going to get an external mixer. How does the mixer interact with my mp3s…how will it know to have 2 songs going and be able to hear one in the headphones and the other channel through speakers? Is there software? Also, how do I hook up two bigger speakers (not laptop speakers, but 12′s or bigger)?If you could give me a list of exactly what I need, I would really appreciate it. I like buying cheap too :) Thanks a bunch!

  2. 2
    Jeff Says:

    how do I hook up two bigger speakers (not laptop speakers, but 12’s or bigger)?If you could give me a list of exactly what I need, I would really appreciate it. I like buying cheap too Thanks a bunch

  3. 3
    pete Says:

    I run 9 speakers from my laptop its not hard if you wont to go loud and proud !
    I have a Compaq laptop I use when doing D.J gigs
    Any laptop will do as long as you have a earphone outlet on the side of the laptop
    Get a cord with the same earphone size plug at 1 end and a audio on the other
    Run it from your laptop 2 your audio input @ the back of your amp and BINGO !
    ( remember amps need mains power )
    so if you are some where with out mains power , well fk if I know what ya going to do .

  4. 4
    Shawn Says:

    Hey I’ve been looking at pioneer equipment for a long time and finally bought me a pair of 1000 mk3′s and a djm 800. i bought AWEsome 15″ powered speakers and set it up. My first concern was that i was not a fan of using cd’s as a main source, and rather a laptop for clubs or any gigs and my desktop if i wanted to, at home because of my huge list of songs and the ease of picking any two songs whenever. i was looking into buying a new laptop, nothing too expensive maybe something in the $500 and Best Buy has some pretty good ones. are there any important things i should look out that the laptop has? Will i need a usb/external harddrive as well? I also have heard of a good amount of dj software’s to control both decks by hand and/or my computer screen and simply click and load songs like that like virtual dj,traktor etc. which is the cheapest aside from something like virtual dj that will do me justice? I guess traktor is fine and is there anywhere to give step by step help on how that all sets up or works? Well it seems that you are off to a good start. Check out this clip since it will show you the basic use. It is all the same as if you had a stack of vinyl in front of you and you did the same with it. I am using PCDJKJ and I really dont need that much, but I have also been doing Karaoke.

  5. 5
    Dj uncle Ricky Says:

    I allready use my laptop and desktop for mixing but some times when I’m fading from one song to anouther due to the bass the sound starts to cut up. What should I get to upgrade my coumputers to keep this from happening. Is this due to my sound card or processer?

  6. 6
    DJ Bill Says:

    What type of computer are you using for one so I could get a better understanding of what you have since all types of computers us different memory, ram, and processor. So if you could, give me all the info you could about your laptop or computer and what program are you using for playing your music with.

  7. 7
    Dj uncle Ricky Says:

    I have a toshiba satellite L05-S955, I’m running virtual dj with a newmark total controler. But I use it on my desk top more, which is home built. It has 500 gb hard drive, a intel doal core e8500 @3.16ghz, a nvidia gforce 9800gt video, 4g of ddr3, all on an intel extreme series mother board w/ built in idt high def. audio. So as you can see all is up to par but I still get a flux ( for lack of a better word)in audio sound at the point when to song are playing at equal volumes at the same time.

  8. 8
    DJ Bill Says:

    Thank you for explaining your problem a little further than what you had in the beginning. The problem that you have is called phase shifting and is a commen effect when to songs are played at the same time and the same speed. If you take and increase one song by just a touch and then back again, you will notice that the music will sort of shift back and forth as you do this moving the pitch up and back again, that is the PHASE SHIFT. This is not a problem with the computer or the equipment. It is a commen effect that happens when two songs are played the way that you do. I take it that you have never worked with vinyl. you can have some fun with this effect with a little practice in how you use it. Thank you for asking. Also I forgot that some effects of playing two songs off the same hard-drive may cause the program to not understand what you are trying to do. Try one song from the internal and the other from an external, this may be another problem that i forgot about when I was Typing this responce to you. I had forgot about the one hard-drive with two songs. To me this is also a new field for me to venture in on since I am so used to using vinyl. I will have to try that with my own equipment in the next couple of days, since my equipment is not set up here. So I will see if this problem also happens with PCDJ-KJ. This is the program that I am using right now. I will get back to you and let you know what happens.

  9. 9
    Dj uncle Ricky Says:

    Thank you for your responce. I have spun vinal for close to 8 years till my equipment was stolin. Now I find this to easier and cheaper. I’ll try using two hard drives and see if that corrects the problem. Once agin thanks for the quick responce and the help.

  10. 10
    DJ Bill Says:

    I’m even going to try it with my program amd see what happens over the weekend. I will then let you know what it did with mine. I also have a Toshiba laptop.

  11. 11
    DJ Bill Says:

    Hi! This is DJ Bill getting back to you about your music problem. Here is a couple of things that I found out about my program that I am using since I no longer have a copy of Virtual DJ hand, I can tell you to check in the options and see if yours has a bass cut. If it does, check it, because this helped eliminate the bass boost on my program. Then go in and put a second copy of what you are trying to play at the same time. I found out that this will help it out and then you can use two songs off the same hard- drive. I looked on a dj forum and they said that the bass tends to boost when you are trying to play two of the same songs together and that using that filter will help eliminate that bass problem. But they also said to at least run your gains at 50 – 75% or lower. Since the computer sees it as you trying to play the same, it has a tendency to double the output volume of the song that you are playing, so this gives you some headroom to adjust either up or down. I hope that this has given you a little lite as to what happens while playing the same mp3 with itself, always use a second copy is what others have said will help. Thank you and keep on reading. If you don’t mind me asking, where are you located as what city and state. If I know someone in your area, I can let you get in touch with them.

  12. 12
    Dj uncle Ricky Says:

    I’m located in Tampa Fl. Just from what you have told me, my problem is I run my volume at 100% and i tend to play the same song file on both decks. I haven’t had time to try it out do to the fact i just started a new job and have been tierd as shit… But knowing computers this makes a lot of sence. I’ll test it when I get a chance and let you know how it turns out.

  13. 13
    DJ Bill Says:

    Yes. Don’t run them at 100%. And I found out that I can run two the same songs on the decks and I don’t have a problem other than the bass increasing. I didn’t have to go to a seperate hard-0drive for the second song once it finished loading.
    Hey keep in touch and if you are on face-book, sign up to be a friend of Pgh Vibes. He is my son and has been doing a lot of sound effects for some Haunted Houses around our area. He is still working at the Amusement park; Kennywood Park, near Pittsburgh, Pa. as their sound tech. He even has to start wiring their sound systems up for Fright Nights at the park and at two other places.
    If you want, you can e-mail me at so we can keep in touch. Even if you want, we can get you to supply an article for the blog site.
    Hey! what new job did you start? talk to you later and get some sleep.

  14. 14
    John Says:

    Is there any way to run it directly form the headphone jack to the speaker or do u need a amp no matter what? and im new at being a DJ so i was looking at this amp and it said wats 300 but my speakers are only 100 is this going to blow my speakers thanks

  15. 15
    Bill Says:

    I see that you are a dj that wants everything just handed to him WITHOUT READING. Read the articles that relate to laptop. Just that I see that you have a little problem unless you are allowed to remove the mixer to make all of your connections that you will need to hook it up.

  16. 16
    Dougie Says:

    I have a all in one dj system, decks mixer the whole hog, can u still link up a laptop instead of using compact discs all the time, thx

  17. 17
    Bill Says:

    Sure you can. This is done the simplest way with a ncord from Radio Shack and you can go further with the laptop when you add a deck to the laptop which will give you a wide and wild way to use your laptop with your system. The basic wire is no more than a headphone jack to two rca plugs so it can attach to your mixer. Just to see what you can do with the laptop at Virtual DJ Home free version. Just make sure your laptop can take the program before you download it. This is the basic way to set things up and see what is out there on different decks. Let me know how this helped you to just start.

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