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26 Jul

Simple Lighting Systems for the DJ

Being a beginner DJ, some of you question the use of a lighting system. Some think that you have no need for lights because it would be something else for you to lug around. Others think that they would like to have something to set the mood of the dancers, but, really don’t have a […]

26 Jul

Outdoor Event Protection

When I do an outdoor Event, I always ask if there will be Protection from the sun or rain. Most outdoor events have pavilions or some kind of large outdoor tent setup. Even if they have a large tent, I always check to see if there is any seams above where I am to set […]

26 Jul

Speaker Protection Outdoors

When I did an outdoor party, someone asked me if I worried about my speakers getting wet? I told them that I worried all the time about that. A lot of us older DJ’s, and some new ones, have always purchased speakers that could be banged around. These speakers were always made of wood with […]

21 Jul

Business Professional Phone Pt.2

Now is the time to talk to you about the outgoing part of the phone service. You do know that before you make an outgoing call that your area has a number to dial in first before calling and it will not display your phone number to whom you are calling. This is all well […]

21 Jul

Business Phone number for DJ Pt.1

Today we will be exploring the biggest and most important part of your DJing Profession. This is your lifeline to the public. This is your phone number. When choosing a phone number, you would like it to be the best phone number that you could get and you would like it to come listed to […]

19 Jul

Price List / Guide for cost (Pt.2)

Now let’s just say, that you told the Bride, that for her Wedding, the cost of your services for the night would be for 150 people, one hour away, and at the cost of $600.00. They then said that you were too high and decided to do it themselves. So just for the fun of […]

19 Jul

Pricing Lists/ Guide to Costs Pt 1

  Pricing lists or guides are really hard to come up with, but you can learn from some of the other DJ’s in your local area. Most of them charge according to their ability and what extra services that they have to provide. Or, you could check out the prices that you could make by […]

11 Jul

Turntable to Laptop connection

Many of you are jumping on the band wagon and trying to become a laptop DJ. But you seem to be loosing the very first idea that you had when you first started with nothing else other than your turntables. You went out and bought a mixer that you liked and then connected it to […]

10 Jul

Speakers vs Powered Speakers

More and more the industry is manufacturing powered speakers. This DJ is trying to think of some Pros and Cons of this type of speaker. Regular speakers can get quite heavy for just the regular DJ, let alone the DJ that has a bad back. Even an icy walkway is no match for the huge […]

10 Jul

Business Cards, How to use them (Part 2)

You thought that coming up with a name and making your cards was hard, ha! Now comes the hard part where you have to do a little leg work. Some people think that it is crazy to go out and waste your gas, but, I don’t see anyone knocking on your door asking if your […]

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