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21 Aug

Connect Two Ampliphiers to One System

This question needs some more input than just hooking up two amps. to do what kind of job? Are you just wanting to add extra speakers to the system to be placed in another room or are you trying to get more bang for you buck and hook a crossover to your system? This is […]

16 Aug

Gemini aquires new name GCI

Well we all knew Gemini products. Now we will be hearing from their new company GCI. As of June 5th, 2006, 34 years of excellent service. “We have the infrastructure in place to distribute additional technology based brands” says CEO, Artie Cabasso. “With this change we are in a position to acquire other brands or […]

14 Aug

Too Hot for fun

You got to excuse me, it was to hot indoors to follow up on a few items. Since I am from the pittsburgh area, someone asked if there was any places to buy equipment to dj with around here. Guitar Center ——Monroeville Merry-go-round music ——-Monroeville Pianos and stuff ——Blawknox Holiwood music ——Mckees Rocks Swissvale Music […]

09 Aug

Equipment Review Pt 3

I really didn’t think That this would be a lot to explain, but I guess that over time I did get enough Equipment to worry about. Now is the time to pay close attention to any frayed, broken, not working, or even dry rotted, or heat cracked wires. This is also a good time to […]

09 Aug

Equipment Review Pt2

Remember, never take your equipment for granted. It has no arms or mouth to really talk to you and tell you that it is sick.But with a little tender loving care, all of your equipment will always give you many years of good service. So don’t ever sell yourself short by not taking the time […]

09 Aug

Equipment Review

I just had to get your attention, since the only equipment that we are going to review is YOUR OWN. Yes! Why not review the equipment that you already have. First thing to check is the amplifier. If it isn’t out of warranty, DO NOT TOUCH IT. But if it is, this piece of equipment […]

06 Aug

Turntable 101 Explained Part 2

We have seen turntables “TT” come and go, but here now is the industries standard TT. This TT has clearly been the best over the past several years from Technics. The SL1200MK2 features a high torque motor with the s-shaped arm and the +/- 8% pitch control. Now comes the best of their line, which […]

05 Aug

Turntable 101 Explained

You want to be a DJ and you want to use turntables, we will call them tt’s just for typing purposes. When you go to get a TT for your system, keep in mind that there is a lot of them out there and that all TT’s are not created equal. To the DJ starting […]

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