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26 Sep

Good Grief! It’s that time again!

For every Dj and mostly the younger more experienced, jump to get the most consecutive jobs of the year! I’m talking about the jobs where you get a monthly contract for school jobs. Most of the times they like to get people that were refered to the school. But you can still change that around […]

26 Sep

Discovering Musical Expertise for Wedding Songs

What are the services that we offer Bridal couples. We will help them plan the events that will happen on the day of their event by taking time to have a good plan of action. *1 We have to get a list of the Bridal party members and to make sure we learn how to […]

19 Sep

DJ! Comes from behind!

Some times it seems that there must be this X that marks the spot for the DJ to stand. I went to visit a few dj’s at their job and they seemed to never come from behind their decks. How would they ever know what the music sounds like if you just stand behind your […]

17 Sep

Audio – Tecnica Turntable on review

Most of us as DJ’s don’t have access to phono preamps to be used with our new equipment. So Audio-tecnica came to the rescue of the new and the old alike. It even will play the old 78’s. It just about does all you need as a dj and what you need to record some […]

15 Sep

Making the move to the next level.

ON TO THE NEXT LEVEL! This is the part where you now go out and buy the DAC-3 controller and hook it up to your system. But as you took it from it’s box and looked at it, it seemed to look like you seen that face somewhere before? AH! YES! It looks just like […]

15 Sep

Make the move from CD DJ to Digital

In the past I made mention of the DAC-3 (Digital audio control). I just think that a lot of you really didn’t take notice of this new piece of equipment. Some of you feel comfortable with the equipment that you have. You’re not in the mood for another change. But for some odd reason , […]

13 Sep

Wedding Day Theme

As you are getting the final basics of the Wedding Day that you are going to do, ask them if they have decided to go with any kind of theme for their wedding. Some suggestions are Military, Western, Hawaiin, Beach, Renisaunce, Disney, etc., etc., etc.. You may be able to get them some decorations to […]

13 Sep

Wedding Day fun

When youmeet with the Bride and Groom to discuss their day. Bring to their attention for something different to do instead of just placing numbers to designate where people sit. have them place city names of places they have been. Or even different States that they visited. Thant you and keep on reading.   Tags: […]

05 Sep

Catching up on DJ skills

I know that I haven’t been able to write as I should. But I have been learning a lot to write about to you, the readers. I even learned of some ways to increase my own DJ business and I will be sharing them with you in my new writings to come. Thank you for […]

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