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31 Oct

Cortex HDC-1000 Dual Digital Music Controller Review

This industry needed something new and exciting. So at the winter show in Anaheim, Ca. a new product was introduced. Cortex will be shipping it’s new USB host – controller based digital music manipulation deck. This product was up for sale on Sept. 15,06.   They claim that this pruduct will be the first unit […]

31 Oct

Reviews of something old and something new

When I started to think back on DJing some twenty five years ago, and how the DJ industry is going now. I only started to think about this when Earle Wittpenn. He writes Earl’s Pearls for a local news paper. He wrote “Remember when a long time ago, Sunday was a day of rest. There […]

27 Oct

Above and beyond the call of a DJ #3

Another never ending saga of the DJ. Then there is the person which says, “I don’t know what I wanna hear ……..What do you have?” Well, let’s see if it would be easier for you to get another beer and figure out what you want to hear, than it would be for this DJ to […]

23 Oct

Above and beyond the call of a DJ #2

The ever going saga of the DJ. Play something with a beat? Be serious! We as DJ’s, know of no songs played in a club, or otherwise, that doesn’t have some sort of beat! While at the job. You usually have 2 or 3 people say, “I don’t know who sung it and I don’t […]

20 Oct

Learn how to be creative!

Don’t ever stop and keep doing the same thing. Make it different! Never cease to learn more. No matter how long you have been DJing, from five years to fifty-five years. Never think that you are too old to learn something new. There is always something that you can improve on. You may even want […]

19 Oct

Peavey PR 12 Speaker review

Well it now comes down to what gives you some more bang for your buck. You don’t have to look any further! Peavey PR 12 Fantastic full-range tone in a sturdy cab. The lightweight Peavey PR-12 2-Way 12″ Speaker Cab is easy to transport and mount. 400W handling from a huge 12″ premium woofer with […]

19 Oct

Records to Mp3’s

Wow! Most of you are still asking how to turn your old records into mp3’s in the easiest manner as could be. Well here is the info you will need and it is under $150 dollars depending where you go to get one. Turntable. Thank you for asking about a good way. Thank you and […]

18 Oct

Above and Beyond the call of Duty #1

  This part of the posting will be the lighter side of DJing. And as you get more and more into the job of being a DJ, you will commonly get asked to do certain things that may seem to be out of this world. Or huh! What did he/she just ask for? Here are […]

15 Oct

DJ’s Worst Phobia?

As I started to notice, while visiting other den’s and some that work with me,I had a chance to watch how they performed. I tended to notice that some of them had a phobia of one important piece of equipment, The Microphone! This phobia should be overcome because that tool could be a very big […]

15 Oct

Always read! Don’t buy because of price.

Just the other day I got an e-mail for an item to look at.It was an interesting item since it was USB port compatible and had two jog wheels on it. It was listed for the price of $38. So I had to read on since it got my attention and the price seemed good. […]

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