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29 Nov

Maybe a new form of the DJ Info Guide

New age of electronics brings out the new way you may be able to receive my info guide. I had just received a few people asking me if I had ever thought of doing a pod cast. I know how to do it since I have been involved with a few other pod casting sites […]

23 Nov

New, portable, lightweight,speakers for the DJ of the future!

You are now getting ready for your next DJ job and it is in a large wooden walled building. Or maybe you are placed out in a glass inclosed patio. or you are in a small room and you have these hugh speakers that will cover the dance floor. You ask yourself? Self, what can […]

23 Nov

Karaoke DJ / Starting out

There has been a lot this past week that I have been learning from another DJ and his wife. They go by the name of Cavalier Karaoke. By talking with Dave, I learned a lot about the files CD-G that puts music and the words to the music so you can sing in the right […]

18 Nov

Improving your social IQ!

We all have a certain level of social IQ, but do you know how to improve it?Here I will give you some steps to become a better listener. This is essential for all of us! 1 Commit yourself to a real change. Think about how listening well could improve your relationship with your clients. 2 […]

18 Nov

Above and beyond the call of a DJ #8

I hope that most of you have a sence of humor to laugh at some of the things that happen to DJ’s while out at your job. Soooo if there is anything you got to add to these little bits of wisdom, please write me. Place it in my comments section and thank you for […]

15 Nov

Top 200 songs / playlist

In searching for some good playlists to share with you came this one from Mobile Beat Magazine. It gives you a good starter playlist. So make sure you visit their site, Top 200. Comming up will be more on playlists of different types. Thank you and keep on reading. Tags: disco, oldies, playlist, popular, top […]

14 Nov

Tweeter Protection / help so it doesn’t quit!

I had made a mention of useing a light bulb as a tweeter protector. In a lot of the low priced, high power speakers, they used to insert a 7 watt light bulb in line with the tweeter. This was done to provide the customer with a cheap hi- end prodect while cutting down on […]

14 Nov

Above and beyond the call of a DJ #7

OOPS! Another important break thru! If someone has a cd. and they come up to you and want you to play it, and the DJ says that he will listen to it. Then they’re ALREADY DOING YOU A FAVOR BY TAKING THE TIME TO DO SO. If the dj doesn’t play it, don’t be P.O.ed, […]

09 Nov

Playlists-DJ music-Downloads-Tools

In my e-mail I keep getting asked questions about playlists. I really didn’t know what some of you wanted to know. But here is a site to go to to get downloads. These downloads will contain music playlist utilities, music taggers, renamers, cataloger, editer and player for most common formats.These formats can be Mp3,Ogg, WMA, […]

09 Nov

Above and beyond the call of a DJ #6

More about RESPECT. Special note to the wise! If in a night club and you are the DJ, you will get very little respect. You are expected to play everything for everybody. It is impossible to satisfy all of the people, all of the time. Yet club jocks are expected to do just that. Imagine […]

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