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31 Dec

Friends/helpful DJ’s/local chat room

I, as a dj, started to make a lot of friends I the business.Not only of the people at the job, but the people that are djing. Most of the dj’s when you first meet them will be glad to talk to you and also become your friend.Soon you, on your days off, will be […]

31 Dec

Programs/for mixing.recording,listening, and on the fly use

Today I found a nice site to go to to check out a bunch of usable programs out there. This is even with a short description of the program. I have had some time over the Holiday tocheck out some of the programs. If you have tried them out , let me know what you […]

23 Dec

Christmas, Happy Holidays

Yes it is that time of the season again. Time for me to wish you all a Joyous and Happy Holiday. Remind yourself that this is the time of the season to make good friends and not to make enimies. Check out this fur sight for this time of year. SANTA DANCE

23 Dec

Getting stuck, looking for the next song to play?

As a DJ of twenty-five years, there have been times that I have been stumped. Stumped for what song to play next. Should I play another slow song or should I just zip into another fast song? What do I do? What do I do? Well, when stumped. I used to make fun with the […]

23 Dec

Break in the road

Last night I was too awake to go to sleep. You know how those times are between the club and those private parties. I stumbled across a site for games. Yes Games! the site is shockwave. I started to go thru their full line of on line games and stumbled across this title that was […]

07 Dec

Some sugestions for fun night events

A “Friends” party St. Patrick’s day fiesta New Years eve warm-up party/salute to champagne Ladies sports clinic Great martini showdown/martini madness Cosmic cowboy olympics Christmas in July Sports fan olympics Black tie awards gala The revolving zodiac/ celebrity birthdays Last party of summer/back to school bash cinamania/best of the movies have a heart/valentines dance back […]

07 Dec

Looking for Karaoke business!!

How many of you have been asking me for karaoke help and to start out with a system. Well here is your opportunity to start your own business and get some help to get started. Understand that this is not for some that thinks he will make a lot of money at first, just look […]

04 Dec

To Hummm or not to Hummm/ better when you don’t.

No I’m not talking about the song that a person wants! I’m talking about that annoying buzz that your system just started to make. I got asked if there was a reason why his system had a bad hum whenever he turned it on. So , here goes the best I can do without knowing […]

04 Dec

A Basic Wedding Form

I take it as if a lot of new DJ’s are going to start in the field of Weddings. So I came up with a basic form to use and make it yours to use at Weddings. Wedding Reception Form Just For Fun DJ (your dj name here) Professional Disc Jockey Please return this form […]

01 Dec

How much Ram?/Computer DJ

Some of you have been asking as to how much ram you would need to do djing. Well if you concider all the funtions that you have to do fo lists, playlists, look-up of songs and the playing of them. This leaves me to say that if you don’t have anything over 512 ram, you […]

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