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25 Feb

How not to offend the DJ and What not to say to a DJ

I received this in my email and thought I would share this out to everyone – I know I got a kick out of this and I am sure many of you have heard many of these things in the past and will also get a kick out of reading this – If anyone knows […]

22 Feb

Fun DJ Toy – ION ICD04FX DJ Mixing Station

I saw this today and I thought this was a fun DJ toy. Yes, I am sure you can do some mixing with this but it is more of a glorified Boombox – But the price on this unit can't be beat (or Mixed)  The Item is the Ion Icd04FX Personal Audio Station – Nice […]

16 Feb

Free DJ Software: Edit your Mixes and Music

On of the posts I got asked what to use for editing MP3's – You most of the time can edit MP3 in any good audio editor. But you say I don't have an audio editor. Well DJ Bill to the rescue. What you need to do is head on over to Audacity – As […]

11 Feb

Scratch All The Way – *-* Live *-* A Mixing Concert

Greeting Everyone – I just found a great video on Google Video that is a nice resource for anyone that likes DJ ing – Mixing – Trying to be a DJ, Wants to learn DJing or pick up a few tips. But first I need to tell you to find a comfortable seat, grab some […]

06 Feb

DJ Tip: Fresh Beats Served Daily

Today I found an interesting site: Daily Beats – Fresh Beats Served Daily. This site reviews and has samples of some of the newest freshest beats available. Looking for a new sound and want to see what others are playing? Check out this site. I highly recommend some of the beats and tracks – This […]

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