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11 Feb

Scratch All The Way – *-* Live *-* A Mixing Concert

Greeting Everyone – I just found a great video on Google Video that is a nice resource for anyone that likes DJ ing – Mixing – Trying to be a DJ, Wants to learn DJing or pick up a few tips. But first I need to tell you to find a comfortable seat, grab some Gin-N-Juice or a Soda, pop some pop cord or grab some chips as this video is over 1 hour long. I had a good time watching this video and learned a few new and loved seeing the old school mixing as well. I would have to recommend if you ever get a chance to go to a dj mix off GO – I got to go to one when I was in Vegas at Studio 54 at the MGM during the Bar and Nightclub convention. (That is something else if you get a chance to go to GO Besides all the fun of Vegas you get to see all the best of the best DJ's and party at some of the best clubs). Well now onto the video – Enjoy.

DA Filling in for Wild Bill 


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