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27 Mar

Tutorial: How to Use Reason and Recycle to Mix it up

Ok you may have hear of propeller head software Reason and Recycle – But how do you use it to make your own mixes. But if you never hear of Reason or Remix what are they? Briefly – I will try to do this briefly (Honest) Reason:  The software synth that is harder than hardware. […]

25 Mar

Sorry – Bandwidth Exeeded – Corrected.

Sorry Everyone – But we exceed our allotment of bandwidth for the month – But everything is back up and running –  Sorry – We should not have this issue in the future.   DJ Bill             

19 Mar

Video: How to make a Hip Hop Beat

DJ-Fonz One of our loyal reader sent this video clip to us here at JFFDJ.  Thanks DJ-Fonz Well this clip is pretty good – showing what goes into making a cool hip-hop base line. This is performed by a puppet with some cool overlay animation. Not very Technical But a very good job putting it […]

18 Mar

Complete Beginners Guide to Scratching – DJ101

Below you will find a really nice guide to how to scratch. Remember this is a very basic guide and is intended to get you started. In this video you will learn how to set the turntable – how to set the mixer. A few different ways to start to scratch. The baby scratch. The […]

11 Mar

Daylight Savings Time Started Today

Hey All you DJ's, Music Lovers, and Partiers Out there – Don't forget that Daylight Savings time Started earlier this year in the United States – Yes I started on March 11th, 2007 and will not End until November 4th, 2007 because of the Energy Act of 2005.  So Just a friendly Reminder that when […]

09 Mar

YouTube Friday: Classic – Dj Premier Remix

Yes it is YouTube Friday – Something I want to give a try while my brother is recooporating. This week we are featuring Classic – A remix by DJ Premier Staring Kanye West feat. Nas, KRS-One, and Rakim – What a great feel this hip hop has. This is good – I love all the […]

06 Mar

Uber DJ Portable Stand when working in Clubs Bars or Home

So You made the transition from a tradition DJ to being a DJ that is now using a Laptop – But you found a new problem. Where do you put your laptop when there is not enough room in the DJ booth or what the bar / club calls a DJ booth. Well Stanton is […]

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