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27 Mar

Tutorial: How to Use Reason and Recycle to Mix it up

Ok you may have hear of propeller head software Reason and Recycle – But how do you use it to make your own mixes. But if you never hear of Reason or Remix what are they?

Briefly – I will try to do this briefly (Honest)

Reason:  The software synth that is harder than hardware. Reason is a complete studio package with synths, samplers, drum machines, loop players, a sequencer, mixing, effects and much much more.

ReCycle:  The ultimate tool for sampled grooves! Forget problems with loops in the right key and the wrong tempo. Forget timestretching, sloppy timing – let ReCycle do the dirty work.

Visit PropellerHead's Software Page for additional info on their great mixing / remixing software.

Below you will find a video showing how to mix the King (Elvis Presley) and Make it a hip hop version.

The star of the video (Besides the software) is Mocean Worker (Adam Dorn) He has done work on The King of Rock (Elvis) – Music for Devil Wears Prada – Meet the Robinsons and much much more. Mocean Worker started out as a DJ in 1998 and has been remixing and touring with Moby, Chemical Brothers and others since.

Well enough chat – On with the show….

Mocean Worker Tells how to use Remix and Recycle

YouTube Preview Image 


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