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31 May

Wedding List Compilation

Today I would like to show you a basic list of songs to play at a Wedding Reception. Please don’t take this list as the only list to look at for weddings. In my experience, it is best to see what area and what age groop of people that you will be playing for. Since […]

26 May

Reviews,DJing views.

Most of the dj’s that are starting out keep asking, “What type of speakers should we buy?” Well there is a lot of things to consider in buying speakers. You have to decide on how you will transport these speakers once you get them. Then there is the size of the places you will be […]

23 May

Club Systems or Portable. Which way would you go?

Well! It has been brought to my attention again that more of you have been asking about club DJing and how it compares to mobile DJing equipment. I have been searching the web and have came upon this cool site that has both types of equipment and how much it costs. They have all the […]

18 May

DJ Bookings how to?

Most of our lives are so hurried and hectic that we all have to plan our lives around everything that we do. Some of us, Professional DJ’s, have a wife/girlfriend, husband/boyfriend. I didn’t want to leave anyone out, since the world of a dj has become much more involved by both sexes. There has been […]

14 May

Creative DJ program for Practice and fun!

The job of a Dj doesn't stop right after or gig is done. It is just starting! We now know of music that we didn't have or maybe the mix that we couldn't get just right. So for those of you that like to Practice and have some fun doing it can visit Shockwave and […]

11 May

Decibel levels, sound levels.

Now is the time to talk about decibel levels. Learn about which levels can be harmful to you and to the people that you are playing for. Here is a common list of DB's. You figure out your own sound level. Thank you and keep on reading. Tags: deaf, deafness, decibel level, decibels, hearing, level, […]

07 May

DJ Stands, Consoles, and Lifts! How to top off your System.

Today is the day that can change your looks! No I don’t mean that you get a face lift or a tummy tuck. This is for your sound system that most of your customers see sprawled all over the banquet table that you have. these few options are not very expensive and are a lot […]

06 May

Nightclubs – Do’s and Don’ts

Today was a beautiful day outside, so I decided to move my workstation outside. This really helped me get my thoughts together for writing some more on the subject of the nightclub DJ, speakers and equipment. Just think? A big Nightclub, large amounts of people, security, licences, etc., etc., etc.. My writing today will only […]

03 May

Mixmeister’s fusion

Many of you out there have been asking about Mixmeister in the DJ’ing field. I was puzzled on how to best explain itto you. So I stumbled across an article in Moble Beat magazine that was worth reading. Issue #104 Read it and then you can make your own judgements. Thank you and keep on […]

02 May

The NEW art of mixing

The work of a DJ consists of two major concepts: One- He/She must be able to select the songs that the audience wants to hear and the time in which they want to hear it. Secondly- He/She must be able to switch from one song to the next in such a way that the rhythm […]

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