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29 Jun

DJing,Weddings, Events and Butterflies!

When you sit down to talk to the bridal couple to be, most of them ask you if there is any good local caterers, local limo services and if there is anything that they can get as a special gimic or gadget to use at their wedding to make it a special and memorable event. […]

22 Jun

DJ Music software Glossary and Terms

It was brought to my attention that I didn’t finish what I had started. That was what I called the DJ Glossary and Terms. It started of as just a few simple pages and then started to add up with each and every day that a New Program came out. They always had a new […]

20 Jun

Windows Mixing/DJ downloads (Pt 2)

It just wasn't enough that I stumbled across just one good site. I came across this program site that has a lot of different djing programs for you to try out. With this site it gives you the name of the program, a brief description, where it is from and when it was released. Here […]

13 Jun

DJ Names

I am now going to try and answer a difficult question being asked by a lot of the newer DJ's out there, "What is a DJ's name?" So I am asking all the DJ's out there to send me your DJ name, where you are from, and how you got your name. This way I […]

13 Jun

Nightclub Managment / start up Bar or Club

Every DJ and New business people alike want to get into a field that they think can make them a lot of money with a little know how. But it is not always that easy. There are a lot of things to think about in the planing of a successful business. Even with the very […]

11 Jun

Radio station DJ Salary Calculator

Many of you have been wondering what a Radio Station DJmakes. The only thing you will have to know about the Radio Personality, is about how much he makes and a few other easy questions. Have some fun and try it out. All money amounts are in USD. Salary Calculator……… Thank you and keep on […]

09 Jun

Windows Mixing/DJ Downloads

I know a lot of new DJ’s. These guys want to knowwhere to go to find some help with MIXING/ DOWNLOADS. So I searched the world wide web, know to some as the www. and came up with this helpful and intresting site. It may even be very useful to a lot of older DJ’s […]

07 Jun

DJing gadgets and their use. (pt2)

As I said in part 1, gadgets can be any number of things that we get our hands on. Like going to an estate sale and garage sales to find a lot of keys, all the same kind of keys if possible. You may even know a locksmith that can get you a bunch of […]

06 Jun

DJing, Gadgets and their use (Pt. 1)

Now comes the explanation of DJ Gadgets. Dj gadgets are some of the equipment that we use in our everyday job. Gadgets can also mean the extras that we bring along with us to do our gigs in the best manor possible. Gadgets: 1- expandable poles for a limbo bar. 2- hola hoops for kids […]

02 Jun

DJing, Barter, Camping, Fun!

This would seem to most of you as one of the wildest blog titles that I have ever come up with. Soon……you will see how all these things come together. Well…. we already know that you like to DJ, and we also know that you like to take your trailer out to the usual campground. […]

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