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31 Jul

Wedding Related Information Pt1

DJ Tips to energize your wedding As a dj, you are always looking for a wayto make your wedding to flow smoothly and deliver all the energy of the DJ to the fun of your people at the facility your at. I will be making this into a 10 part guide. Allowing plenty of time […]

24 Jul

Voice Changer Software

Time out from DJing to do a small review on some new software. This software will change your music or your vocals in real time so you could use this in conjunction with your Karaoke. This AV Voice Changer Software will allow you to change a male singers voice so much that if you needed […]

22 Jul

On the Job drinking. To indulge or not to indulge?

If you ever got asked to take a drink, or even take a social drink. There’s more to social drinking, at events, than meets the eye. One of the most important things a DJ, or Professional DJ, should keep in mind is the way one approaches CUSTOMER SERVICE. Customer service is what we provide to […]

13 Jul

Djing, Bartering and your services

Well to let you know, that bartering for services is not a new form of getting what you need for what you have or do. I have used bartering to get limo service for my son on his graduation day. The limo service was glad to hear that we would dj for him. He needed […]

13 Jul

DJ’s 10 simple rules

Legend has it that many years ago, a disc jockey, looking for the meaning to his job. Ascended a very mystical mountain, just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa.. Once the jock reached the top of the mountain, he came upon an elder, sitting and meditating. The jock was terrified and was just about to decend the […]

09 Jul

Laptop DJ Caution?

It has been brought to my attention from a lot of different DJ's. The new laptops are coming loaded with Windows Vista. Or many of you are thinking of upgrading to Vista, Stop! Many dj's on these forums have been discusted with how their programs run on Vista and are wanting to come back to […]

08 Jul

Learn to DJ.

I now have been doing this blog site for quite some time now and I don't ask for any type of pay for teaching the new and old DJ. I am not upset over the fact that the majority of you still don't take making comments to me as to how well I have been […]

03 Jul

Laptop DJ, Health, Bar-b-que Rundown

Since we are going to be a Laptop DJ……..Wouldn’t it be nice if whenever we messed up our life, we could simply press “Ctrl, alt, delete” and then be able to start all over? Now on to the serious side! When it comes to smoking or chewing tobacco, aggressive efforts or cold turkey methods pay […]

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