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30 Aug

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Comments, e-mails, letters, and other DJ’s comments has now led me to find one good “Music List” site. I have been doing this blog for quite a while and I still only use one site for all my music information.It has been one of the best for all of the years that I have been […]

20 Aug

Laptop Hookup Reviewed

I know that it has been a while since we talked about hooking up a laptop and using it with a basic mixer. The following setup diagrams come in response to more and more of the older DJ's getting into using a laptop. They really didn't figure on doing so, but everyone seems to be […]

16 Aug

Combining your Tracks

There is one important guideline for conbining records: Avoid making your mix crowded. This means that if you mix one melodious and sample-rich track into another, you run the risk of creating chaos. Technically the mix should still sound OK, but in doing so can run the risk of getting lost in among all the […]

16 Aug

Choosing your music

I have to tell you, don’t limit yourself to one single genre. Dare to cross over to other styles. Remember that you are not the only person listening to your music. As long as you like it and it somewhat fits in with the music that you already have, go for it. This idea of […]

13 Aug

DJ Names?

I want to thank all that have given me their names and from where they are at. Please keep your names and locations coming by placing them into the comments line and I will be glad to place them on another listing when I get more of them in. Here are the places and their […]

09 Aug

Wedding Related Information Pt10

DON'T RULE OUT THE MACARENA! Think twice about that so-called "cheesy" group dances, the Macarena, Chicken Dance, Cha Cha Slide and the YMCA. These songs may be the only times that some of the guests get up on the dance floor and have some fun. You don't have to do the hokey pokey right after […]

09 Aug

Wedding Related Information Pt9

CONSIDER USING PARTY PROPS TO ENTERTAIN AND MOTIVATE THE GUESTS A few blow up guitars or some colorful maracas have an amazing way to excite the guests. Even passing out hula-hoops while playing the twist usually works well. Even doing the YMCA with the right type of hats pleases all and becomes a great photo […]

08 Aug

DJ’s Portable L.E.D. lighting system

A lot of you are just like me. We are looking for a lighting system that will last long (L.E.D.), portable and in a case. Well look no further! American DJ has sent me info on a nice light-weight system that can be placed on a light stand, placed on a table or just placed […]

08 Aug

Wedding Related Information Pt8

DON’T TRY TO SELECT EVERY SONG YOUR DJ PLAYS Choose the song for the first dance and some of the other reception events. Suggest to the bridal couple what artist and styles of music to avoid. A professional DJ will know how to “read a croud” and knows what to play and when so to […]

08 Aug

Wedding Related Information Pt7

THE FIRST DANCE-DON’T WAIT FOREVER TO DO IT AND DON’T DO IT FOREVER. The First special moment at the wedding is the bride and grooms first dance. Having the first dance after dinner is the best way to start the party moving. Don’t delay the first danceso the could meet with guests, they will have […]

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