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29 Feb

Zing your business!

Looking for a fun way to get things going! (HA HA). This is your chance to have one up on the other guy. Be the first to have one of these gadgets in your bag of goodies. Check it out at this site and tell me what you think in the comments section of […]

23 Feb

DJ takes a stroll down memory lane.

A stroll down memory lane-with photos!      45 rpm spindles   Green Stamps   Metal ice cubes trays with levers   Beanie and Cecil   Roller-skate keys   Cork pop guns   Marlin Perkins   Drive-In Movies   Drive-in restaurants   Car Hops   Studebakers   Topo Gigio   Washtub wringers   The Fuller […]

23 Feb

Dance and Online DJ names

The ever continuing NAME THE DJ LIST. Here are a few more sugestions for you to ponder about! DJ SLICK – sounds like oilDJ WOBLE – what the music doesDIGITAL DJ – no cd'sHARMONY DJ – good girls nameDJ DANCE –  what people should doDJ TWISTA – sounds like a gameDJ BLING – lots of […]

14 Feb

Love Song Lists

Today being Valentines Day, why not try to play the best of those love songs for the Sweethearts at your gig.I was supprized to see how many different lists there are out there. So choose wisely since there is a site out there of the worst Love Songs Ever. So have fun with them, and […]

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