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21 Mar

Wedding Help; Honeymoon Suggestions

In the world of a dj, sometimes we have to act as a wedding consultant. We sometimes help with halls, places to take some really nice pictures around the area, limo services, and even as far as a great place to take a honeymoon.This time of the year , in my area, is a nice […]

08 Mar

The 411 on Turntables

Well, you got the idea of djing because you have a lot of records, but you need a turntable to use. Now is the time to figure out which one will be the best for your use. This can be quite difficult since you really don't know which one will best suit your budget and […]

06 Mar

I-pod, Turntable, USB

What is it? No I didn't use Photoshop  to add an I-pod dock onto a picture of a turntable. It was just a matter of time, but now you have the use of a turntable that incorporates your I-pod and also allows you to connect to your PC or MAC. The Numark TTi Turntable (with […]

06 Mar

Inspect, Clean and get ready for events.

Again it it that time of the year when we have to inspect, clean and get ready for the next event. I don't mean gettint our equipment tuned but to take a look at the other things we use as a DJ. First there is the vehicles that we use. If we didn't keep them […]

05 Mar

DJ depends on NUVI

Why this hasn't come to mind sooner! But how do we as DJ's get around? No I'm not talking about your car or van that you use to haul your equipment in, but the little instrument that gets you there better than the bride or grooms reccalection as how to get to the hall on […]

05 Mar

The Ultimate DJ Computer

I have had a lot of new dj's ask about what kind of computer does it take to use your mp3's to dj as if it were vynal. I stumbled upon this site which can help you out in answering your deepest darkest questions on "THE COMPUTER DJ". Once you have checked it out, give […]

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