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17 May

DJ vs Steps

Did you ever have that gig where you had just a few steps to get up, but couldn’t easily manage your dolly up them? Or how about those stages you wished had a ramp to run your equipment up? Well look no further……. have I got a deal for you! Here it is, a lightweight […]

17 May

Weatherproof vs Weather-Resistant

We always hear about weather-resistant speakers and how you still have to treat them gently and make sure that they are covered from the elements outside or in.But soon to come to a speaker store near you, will be the Faital Pro Drivers. Their full multi-way systems will be coming out soon. A video was […]

14 May

Tiny GPS reciever for laptop

GPS I forgot to show the product in which I was talking about, so here it is. Price may vary.

14 May

History repeats itself!

Every one of us want to go digital, and who doesn't.Remember when we usen to play cassette tapes to hear our music in a much smaller format. Well we mow have another new item that was designed to help some of you that used tapes. It just plugs into the computer by it's USB plug […]

13 May

Getting Around with what you have!

I am always getting lost when it comes to getting around our area. We are constantly having roads closed or changing traffic around fires or movie set. So I figured that since I already had a computer, why not check in on the Microsoft Streets and Trips with a GPS. The GPS was so tiny, […]

09 May

Wireless Microphones

Everyone is asking if their wireless microphones will be working after February 2009. Yes!!!!! All wireless mics. will work. The Digital Dividend:Known as the Frequency range between 698 mhz and 806 mhz. This range is constantly auctioned off to private companies and emergency use. Unused frequencies are then available for wireless products and this may […]

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