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29 Jun

One speaker vs Multi speakers

I have been asked many of times by new DJ’s as to what kind of speaker should they buy. But I have not been able to answer which one speaker is good for all jobs that you may get into. I myself, have a variety of different syles and sizes of speakers that I use […]

27 Jun

Adding some lights!

Today I was talking to another older DJ and he told me about adding lights to some of the things we use at parties and weddings. He explained to me that he bought himself some PVC pipe from the hardware store. He told me that he used a ten foot piece. He then bought himself […]

21 Jun

New Controller / Vestex VCI 100

90 assignable parameters. Traktor 3 LE included. Item: VESVCI100 New * Pricing o $499.95 The VCI-100 is a highly professional MIDI controller that has two jog wheels built with sensor and control technology straight from the Vestax turntable line. One of the many additional features found on the VCI-100 is a curve generator that controls […]

12 Jun

Laptop, Audio Downloads and Bitrates

As the DJ business gets smaller and smaller, we have to understand how to record and what bitrates to use. So I found a little info that would help a lot of you out with getting better quality downloads for a better sound. Here is the review…….DJ’s, Audio Downloads, and Bitrates by DJ Rob Wegner […]

02 Jun

Big Speakers vs Line-array

As a DJ or a small karaoke business, we are always looking for an easier way to fill the room with sound. Up to this point, all we had were those big, heavy, and bulky speakers. Sometimes we would even need a second person to help move the speakers we use. For quite some time […]

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