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25 Jul

In the Spotlight, Stage Fright, Fear of Speaking, Public Speaking.

I have often pondered this topic, but have never really come up with a way to teach or help understand this topic. This topic make was just as hard as doing this site! Since I finally figured out what to say, Here goes. Now to talk about how to get you from a scared and […]

23 Jul

How to do it in the Mix

YES! When it comes to doing your thing, just remember that it is all in the MIX. Now to give you something to mix with! Your main component of your system. Your heart of it all. The best sounds are all maid from the heart, so now is the time to show where to get […]

18 Jul

DJ vs How many Speakers

This title explains the difference between a DJ and a person that doesn’t have any idea as to anything about DJing. If you have to ask the Question as to how many speakers that you need to dj with, then ask yourself “HOW BIG OF A JOB IS IT!”HOW MANY PEOPLE?” “INSIDE OR OUTSIDE!” I […]

09 Jul

A name is a name is a name

Still getting a lot of requests for DJ names. But I am not the one to give you your name. You have to decide on that yourself. So here is another bunch of names that have shown up around my area. Seasons DJ’s Nameless Entertainment DJ Valet M & J Sound Service Jump the Fence […]

03 Jul

Bride and Grooms Questions when looking for Entertainment.

In my time as an entertainer, and doing a lot of weddings. I have come up with some general questions that each Bridal couple should ask of their entertainment. These questions are simple and if you DJ one of these events, You should take heed of these points of interest. 1 – Do they have […]

02 Jul

DJ’s most unusual places to DJ from.

In my years of djing, I have benn to a lot of unusual places to dj from. I have been in some small places that I had to dj from their kitchen, or on a stage set up across the stairwell of a club. When this after hours club was in exsistance, you had the […]

01 Jul

Hev Ho Speakers

I have to tell you one of my war stories of DJing. The other day I had a wedding to go to and this was the first time that I didn’t go to check out the place to see what I was in for. I packed up the van and picked up my buddy that […]

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