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01 Jul

Hev Ho Speakers

I have to tell you one of my war stories of DJing.
The other day I had a wedding to go to and this was the first time that I didn’t go to check out the place to see what I was in for.
I packed up the van and picked up my buddy that went with me and off to the place we were to dj.
On dealing with the Bride and Groom, They told me that there was a few steps to get into the place. Much to my supprize, I should have asked how many steps there were to get to the hall! I know that I will not make that mistake again.
Needless to say, when I got there, the head waiter of the place said that we couldn’t use the dumb waiter in the hall as other people have done. He proceeded to tell me that they quit allowing dj’s or anyone else since they had a problem with one of the entertainers last week.
To make a long story short. This place was an old school building, converted to be banquet halls on each floor. Ours just happened to be on the third floor. Twenty steps to each flight. I was just so happy that we got there early and had extra clothes to change into.
If you have any unlikely stories, share them with us so we can learn by our mistakes.
Thank you and keep on reading.

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