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25 Jul

In the Spotlight, Stage Fright, Fear of Speaking, Public Speaking.

I have often pondered this topic, but have never really come up with a way to teach or help understand this topic. This topic make was just as hard as doing this site! Since I finally figured out what to say, Here goes.
Now to talk about how to get you from a scared and frightened speaker to a more relaxed and Professional MC.Now is the time to take this subject seriously. Since you are the DJ. You will be the one at weddings, doing all the talking, except for the Best Man’s toast. HA-HA!
Here is a list of some common problems that may need extra action to improve speaking skills and lift your presence.
1-Listen to yourself. Record yourself on tape. YES! That is you speaking! Most times, you never knew what you really sounded like., You only hear yourself in your head and not how you really sound.
2- when you talk on the phone, has someone ever ask to talk to your mother or father. Don’t be mistaken for the wrong age or even worse, the wrong sex! You will probably need to change the pitch of your voice.
3-If people ask you to repeat yourself, more than one or two times. Try speaking a little louder, DON’T SCREAM, and quite mumbling. Even being nervous with people, causes you to be meak or even timid in your speaking.
4-Do you seem to find people laughing about the way you talk! I hope that this isn’t you! You sound like your talking threw your nose.
5-Don’t just refuse to talk, since someone said that they couldn’t HEAR OR UNDERSTAND what you were just saying.
6-Be very wary of how your emotions can show in your voice. Develop some voice control. You want to be like the ringleader at a circus. Don’t get real excited, which in turn, makes your voice go squeaky.

Thought to add: as you venture out in your new role, REMEMBER: Audiences are incredibly forgiving. They really don’t care if you mess-up. They will not even care if you lose your place. They don’t care if you have to look at your notes, and, they don’t expect you to start out with a joke.
They know that it could easily be them up there, and that they are rooting for you.

So make what the audience hears much more important than how you appear when you are providing that information. Your nerves will quiet down when you take some time and practice what you will be saying in front of a mirror,and soon you will be a speaking pro before you realize it! TALK ON…….

Some other good ideas to get you up to par is to set your stuff up and pretend that you are doing a wedding, PRACTICE saying their names, PRACTICE the event list, PRACTICE the music you will be playing. Practice, Practice,Practice saying their names! If they have names that you don’t understand, have them spell it PHONICALLY. Or even see if anyone has a NICK NAME that they are known as. Just remember to do as you did in learning how to mix and even use your equipment.

Another good idea is to go out and watch what other DJ’s do and take notes. Go home and put these ideas to good use, and do a better job than him.

Most DJ’s try to just follow the other guy by just using their ideas. But it is even better to add your own style or personality. Use your own sayings.

Try not to use the same CLICHES’ at least 20 to 30 times a night. This type of action becomes annoying to most crowds. They think you have anything else to say.

Some jobs that you do, will require you to be on the MIC. more than others. Remember to only be talkitive on the mic. ONLY when it is needed. When it calls for you to talk more, you then will be ready, because you will have the skills to do so.

The best tip is to be confident on the mic. Most crowds can tell when you are enjoying what your doing.

Also keep in mind that when you get excited, you can loose your cool and start to go faster to the point where people will not understand what in the world you are talking about. Then there is the idea of talking tooo ssllooowww,(too slow), where everyone will think that you are talking to a bunch of “IDIOTS”.

Don’t change your voice to sound like another performer or actor. Because if you are not serious about taking time to PRACTICE, It will sound false and make it harder to maintain your technique.

If you are a good comedian and know how to tell some good jokes, then do it. But if you feel that you can’t deliver a joke, don’t do it at all, because you may be the only one laughing. This can cause you an awkward scenario.

If you notice a funny or amusing event, then bring it out to everyone by using the mic..

Use the mic. for special events, receiving requests, giving directions for dinner, cake cutting, etc., etc…

Make a big fuss over someone celebrating a birthday or even an anniversary. People always like to hear their names mentioned over the P.A. system. This allows them their 30 seconds of fame.

Always never! Repeat NEVER! Talk over the vocal tracks of a song. Always wait for them to end before speaking.

As I said before, don’t dwell on your mistakes, just continue, “Nobody Will Notice!”

When at a Wedding. Always keep things such as Bride and Grooms names, Best Man’s name, etc. on a piece of paper near your mixer, so that when you draw a memory blank, you will have them handy to look at in time of need.

Never write down your lines. Keep them embedded into your memory so they come out as spontanious as saying “HELLO” on the phone.

Try not to be a constant talker when you have people up and dancing on the floor. They are there to dance to the music, not your voice.

If you follow these steps and ideas, you will advance from beginner to a Pro.. This will not come overnight, but with PRACTICE and plenty of time, YOU will become the best DJ ever!

Thank you and keep on reading.

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