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15 Nov

Ideas for DJing Part 2

After you read my last entry. I would like to hear from some of you about your djing start and how long you have been doing it. I will even like to hear you war stories about some of the best and the worst places that you have worked at. Even tell me of the […]

15 Nov

Ideas for DJing?

Most of you ask a lot of questions of dj names. What were you called when you were growing up? This should help you with your decision. Now is the time to take the next step. Think of that big name dj at the club or the one on the radio station. These jobs are […]

12 Nov

Behringer controller for laptop or computer For those of you that are looking for a inexpensive way to use your laptop. Most laptops have to be very expensive to make it’s way seamlessly thru those mp3’s, OGG, or wav files. This controller will work well even with the most basic laptops. Even the price will surprize you, under $150 dollars […]

09 Nov

Computer speakers for laptop.

When we think of our computer speakers, we feel that they are so powerful sounding and feel that they would be great for a loud sounding system for the laptop. So if you know how to attach your computer speakers to your laptop, then, you know how to attach them to a dj mixer or […]

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