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09 Nov

Computer speakers for laptop.

When we think of our computer speakers, we feel that they are so powerful sounding and feel that they would be great for a loud sounding system for the laptop.
So if you know how to attach your computer speakers to your laptop, then, you know how to attach them to a dj mixer or to another amp.
The only reason that I am typing this up, is that more and more people ask if they may use their great sounding computer speakers that we use for gaming or watching some of our movies.
So if you think this type of speakers are going to be good for DJing then you better think again as to how many people that you will be playing for. Will it be just for one or two people or will it be for a full room of people.
If you said a room full of people then you better look into a larger set with a lot more coverage to them than just for a few.

Thank you for asking and keep on reading!

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