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30 Jan

DJ Appearance?

Today we will be talking about your appearance. Not yours or if you will show for your gig, but the appearance of your equipment. When I started out DJ-ing, I used to crate my stuff around in the boxes that they came in. This really didn’t bother me, due to the fact that all I […]

25 Jan

DJ list- To be or not to be—-HEALTHY

I am now back into spreading the message of the dj. So here it goes………. Each year, each and every one of us promise ourselves each year to get a checkup. We always keep saying that this is the year that we will do it. We always fine tune our equipment, by sliming it down […]

22 Jan

Listing in a phone book.

I was just looking in my local Pennysaver Magazine. And it came to my attention that when I got to the service directory, it listed all the companies by alphabetical order. This brought an Idea as to how does the yellowbook put our adds into it? Well to my supprize, they do it the same […]

16 Jan

Bar and Club equipment for sale.

Now that I have your attention, I can tell you of a pretty neat site that I had stumbled accross in my surfing that would intgerest old and new DJ’s and those that are looking to supply their club with equipment that you can’t find. This site even has a directory that breaks down all […]

15 Jan

DJ Info Stories.

Many of us as DJ’s have had some great jobs to do that make us wonder, “Why can’t they all be this way?” Well, no job is perfect. There is always something that we could have done better. So now is the time to inform us as to some of your most unusual or interstingly […]

12 Jan

Line Array Speakers

Here it is !!!! The next step into making your DJ system a little lighter and a lot better sounding. These speakers are a lot of fun to use, and really make a big inpact for the size of them. Check out the specks of these speakers. Portable Sound EON 300 : EON 500  : EON G2 Series : JRX […]

04 Jan

Life of a Radio Disc Jockey.

So you want to be like your favorite DJ or Radio Station. To put it bluntly, nobody knows what happens when you get behind the mic.. Once you do, you may have a different outlook twards them. Some of the so calledjocks are just people that seem to follow each other around like a conga-line. […]

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