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28 Feb

Wedding DJ’s Wedding plan list Part 1

Well today I had to ask myself, WOULD I HIRE ME, AS MY OWN WEDDING DJ……” This is even a good question to pose to yourself. In the next three or four blog entries, I will be talking about a checklist of things that a Bride and Groom, or even yourself, ask or tell when […]

20 Feb

Hooking up headphones and microphones to your laptop. Part #2

Now to continue on with hooking up the “RIGHT EQUIPMENT” to the correct device for your laptop use. Soooo, your now looking for an easy-to-use audio interface that provides you with an excellant USB solution, that allows you to use your own CD player or your own torntables along with your favorite DJ-ing software. Well […]

19 Feb

Hooking up headphones and microphones to your laptop. Part #1

Most of you are starting out, as I, in the laptop dj mode. So a lot of Questions have come to ask, “How do we connect and use our headphones and mics…..” At first, I was just as confused you. (I had never thought I would do this.) I kept looking thru different stores for […]

19 Feb

The Right Laptop?

This is a subject that you have to ask yourself. Since I am not a “Digital DJ”, like some of the other DJ’s I know. I had to explore the programs out there that are available, WOW, are there a lot of really useful programs out there that each one has something special in it […]

03 Feb

DJing with a cold weather problem.

It has now come to mind that a lot of you DJ’s have jumped on the bandwagon of owning an Apple iPhone. This is really nice, (ike in my area), you have to answer the phone or even try to text someone with GLOVES on. Even trying just to answer it becomes very frustrating when […]

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