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27 Mar

DJ’s need the ability to “READ”!!!

One might think that the dj should have learned that in school, instead of playing music all the time. But this is not the type of READING that I want to discuss with you. One of the best known skills that a dj needs is the knowledge and understanding to “READ” a crowd. If you […]

16 Mar

Speaker hook-up in another room with NO WIRES!

Yes, you read right. We are now in the digital age where we can just plug and play our stuff in one room and digitally send it to another room. Digital FM Transmiter for around $65 dollars from Run time on the unitis about 120 hours with a set of tw0 AA bateries. The […]

16 Mar

Let’s Make a deal – Dj’s help!

Some of you have been asking about what to do when you don’t have anyone dancing at the time and you are playing your best music. Well now is the time for you to learn different types of “ICE BREAKERS”, or GAMES to get people active and make you look like a better entertainer than […]

12 Mar

wedding DJ’s wedding plan list part 4

I’m going to try and finish this whole thing up in this entry. 11……. Now comes the time to ask if you utilize lighting? And what kind. To answer this, i had to look at all the stuff that I have in storage in my garage. (Space where the car can’t fit in.) When you […]

05 Mar

Wedding DJ’s Wedding plan list Part 3

Categories of dj’s? #5….. Well now it comes to the question of “HOW DO YOU RATE YOURSELF?” Well….. it has been broken down into njust four categories. So this will give you a chance to work on these to make yourself a better find for jobs……. 1 – YOUR PERSONALITY 2 – HOW IS YOUR […]

03 Mar

Wedding DJ’s Wedding plan list part 2

In this section, I will be giving you some questions to ask of the dj…… but try not to ask these as if you are doing an interrogation. Try to always be FRIENDLY, RELAXED, AND EASY GOING to be able to go thru this rundown. Now on to the questions……… #1…… Your Voice! When hiring […]

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