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12 Mar

wedding DJ’s wedding plan list part 4

I’m going to try and finish this whole thing up in this entry.

11……. Now comes the time to ask if you utilize lighting? And what kind.
To answer this, i had to look at all the stuff that I have in storage in my garage. (Space where the car can’t fit in.)
When you do a wedding, try to be conservative with what you use. Try and find out if they only need a little lighting, or should you get “WILD AND CRAZY” AND BRING IN ALL KINDS OF EFFECTS TO THE PARTY.
Helpful Hint: Just remember that what you set up, you will have to take back down and back home with you!

Do you arrive to the job “SELF CONTAINED” or does the people that hired you have to provide you with anything? This means only one thing, are you using cabinets to house your equipment in, which makes you look Professional and use a little space. When some dj’s use this type of stuff, they even have their own set-up tables with curtains around them.

You really don’t want to ask them for two eight foot tables, (which takes up a lot of space in the room.) Then all of your equipment is placed and stacked all over the table, with your wires all clumped and showing all over the table.

13….. How long does it take you to set up?
Is there someone helping you?
Are you/they going to be properly dressed?
Does your assistant get to be served food also?
Is there any charge for set up and tear down?
Is there a charge for travel time?

These are some extra questions to keep in mind when talking to potential customers. They always would like to be prepaired for how you answer them.
P.S. If you add on an extra charge for set up and tear down, or even the charge for travel, this tells you/them that the cost that you charged for the wedding was too low, so you have to recoup some of your lost money. If only you had just listened till the end to give them a price, you wouldn’t have to do this bad practice.

14……. Discuss in advance, that if everything is going well, is it OK to play extra, and at what cost to the client.
This is something that you have to make known when being hired and not as a suprise when the time comes. This is probably the only time that you should place an hourly charge for your services.
15….. If we have a singer, make announcements, give a toast, do you have a microphone that we can use?
This would have to be left up to your own discretion, depending on if your crowd is wild and crazy, or if it will be great for someone singing instead of dancing!

16…… Do you have any good music to play, (for dinner) other than Kenny G?
This is the type of question that you would have to ask yourself. Dinner music is like something that we hear when on an elevator, or as back round music at some of the finer dinning establishments. It is always upbeat, easy listening, and not too loud. People don’t always like to hear just one entertainers music, they like a variety. So keep this in mind when looking for selections to use. If everyones tastes were alike, why would they hire us and just whip out their Ipod during this portion of the gig. Think of why they hired you, because you were different! Just think if you were just the same , they would have just have hired JUST ANYONE!!!!


17…… Other than making the basic announcements, do you do much talking on the mic.? And what types of things do you have to say?
D.J. NOTE: A GOOD dj should know when to talk and when to just “SHUT UP!”

18….. Have you ever had to “AD LIB” and keep people calm in case of an emergency. This may be a way of telling how much experience you have really had as a DJ!

19…… Again a reminder: Charge for travel? DON’T EVEN ASK!!!!!!!!!

20….. What will you wear? Tuxedo? Sport coat? Hula Skirt? ——- Well ….. That last one was added in there just to see if you were still reading.

Well there you have it. Let me know what you think and leave your comments. If there is something that I missed, please let me know about it.

I have to give special thanks to all the dj’s at my house, online from around the world, and from some of the forums out there, THANKS!

Thank you and keep on reading.

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