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24 May

Mobile DJ Show, Seminars,and a Learning Experience!

I have always wondered why most of the dj shows are out in Las Vegas, somewhere I myself could not go. I just got my new issue of Mobile Beat Magazine. much to my supprize, I saw on page 8 of the magazine that they will be holding different shows around the area with the […]

13 May

DJ looks into DJ Business Cards.

It’s a harsh world out there, but you have to get a business card that is just catchy enough and not too flashy to be ignored by whomever looks at it. Keep in mind that the next section is loaded with a bunch of business cards. I am not saying that one is better than […]

12 May

How to Check out DJ Names in your area!

Today I was just strolling through some of my e-mails like I normally do and came across one that would be of great interest to a lot of new DJ’s and even Brides and Grooms that are looking for DJ’s in a different area than what they are used to. Here now is the site […]

02 May

Cool Design DJ Business Cards

While traveling through the www, I have come across a lot of business cards. I am now asking some of you to get your best DJ card design together and send it to me. I will be starting a NEW section on my blog site which will allow many of other DJ’s see your cardsĀ  […]

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