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24 Jan

DJ’s everywhere get asked to take less.

I know that when i’m out looking for a hotel to use for my next vacation, I always ask if they have any discounts if I book them ahead of time. You have to realize that most places don’t display all of their options. This is the same as it is in our business. We […]

23 Jan

This DJ wonders if he is still a DJ or now a member of the band?

Today in our life, our music and the new styles are getting to be more and more popular. Some people are finding out newer and more interesting ways of doing our job. Whether you keep on going the old school route of mixing, scratching and figuring out some of our best overlays, to make an […]

12 Jan

DJ reviewed Mixmiester vs Virtual DJ

Remember that I am only one DJ giving his opinion on what he thinks has to have another Question asked. What are you going to be using the program for? Just mixing or are you going to use it to make your own mixes to be used at an event. Both programs have their good […]

11 Jan

DJ looks to a new beginning of a new year.

Just like the title says, “DJ LOOKS TO A NEW BEGINNING OF A NEW YEAR.” This means that you have to look at yourself and decide on what mistakes you made last year  and how to improve yourself this year. Time to get rid of some equipment that has been giving you a problem. Ask […]

10 Jan

DJ had his blog site updated.

It feels like a great day now that I have my blog site back up and running as it should have been doing. I don’t know where the mistake happened, but I will be taking in a lot more time writing on my site. I hope that you really have enjoyed it till now and […]

08 Jan

DJ looking to use little equipment. Computer to speakers.

First, we had all individual pieces of equipment. Now as time goes on, we found out that we no longer need to have mixers and amps. with us anymore. All we now have to do is whip out the laptop, turn it on, and set up our self-powered speakers right to the the laptop with […]

06 Jan

DJ tries to bet ideas for Anneversaries, Weddings, Birthdays

I know like most of you, you get asked to do a class reunion or even a wedding anniversary. These are really nice jobs to do since you, at this time in your profession, you already have most of the old songs that they want in your bos of goodies. But when it comes to […]

06 Jan

Dj talent or the best equipment to be used by a Dj

What is our best selling tool? How much knowledge do we have to bring with us on how to read a crowd? Or is it how much and what kind of equipment we have (and don’t know how to use.) I have been surfing the web for an interesting new subject, and found it. Do […]

04 Jan

DJ ponders about Mp3, computer, vs vynal. The test of time.

I, as a older dj, should be thinking of going and using a laptop or an Mp3 player instead of taking all of my vynal and cd collection with me. I would do something like that, but noone has come up with a “DIGITAL” player or system that is guarenteed not to glitch or shut […]

03 Jan

DJ ponders BIG equipment or Personal touch.

Today I will talk about one of my bad habits. This is the habit of when I have extra cash flow, I would always try to go out and buy one of those newfangled gadgets that I just had to have. But, you have to keep in mind, what does your client SEE or HEAR? […]

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