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03 Jan

DJ ponders BIG equipment or Personal touch.

Today I will talk about one of my bad habits. This is the habit of when I have extra cash flow, I would always try to go out and buy one of those newfangled gadgets that I just had to have. But, you have to keep in mind, what does your client SEE or HEAR?
When you go out to talk to a potential customer, do you bring your cool new toys with youto tell them how they work for you, or did you just bring yourself and your great personality!
I bet that you said “Just yourself.”
Most times, customers don’t really care about what speakers, amps., players, computers, etc.; unless they will be the ones using it.
There is no better way to sell your business than being able to see you at work at an event. Think of it in this manner! We’ve all seen the “Dorky Person” going out and buying the top of the lineride, just because he could afford it. This didn’t mean that he knows how to drive it.
I hope that you get the Idea that I have been trying to express to you. Don’t sell yourself short, because as I said, we can all advertise our equipment, the van that we drive, or even the trailer that we use,  WHEN THEY ARE UP FOR SALE!!!! Ha Ha.
Thank you and keep on reading.

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