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19 Aug

How to DJ a Wedding with an iPod, From an iPods point of view!

Today I am going to do this story from the view of a iPod. Hello, I am a shiny new iPod. I have the retail value of around $400, and am able, according to my owner, be able to dj a wedding. I know that I am able to hold all kinds of songs so […]

13 Aug

Becoming a DJ? Part A

I seem to have talked about this subject earlier on in my writings. But, maybe now it is time for me to get into the real nitty- gritty. There is a lot to learn when you attempt to go on a new adventure. Becoming a DJ is no exception to the fact. You will be […]

13 Aug

DJ Reminisce’s

I know that for some of you feel that you have just started DJing and what do you have to listen to a DJ Reminisce about old times. It all really comes down to the fact that the “OLD” really does in a way, meet the “NEW” in a most unusual way. By this I […]

09 Aug

DJ Performance

Time now to talk about how well do you do at a wedding or a special gig that you have done. HOW DO YOU KNOW? You really don’t unless you hear someone talking about you. How do you know if you will get another booking? Will you get a referral from them? You will never […]

06 Aug

DJ Lighting Equipment

So now is the time to talk to you about adding some lighting equipment. But before you build your lighting set, we have to discuss about the different types there is so you would know what would make people want to get up and dance or just sit there! Remember that the mood you make […]

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