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24 Jan

DJ Needs Help With A Song.

I have been in this business for a long time and I am still trying to find books for reference. Sometimes it gets really hard to find any info on older music files. But I have had my luck with the books that I have bought over the years that gives me a good selection […]

15 Jan

Local DJ going to Mobile Beat Vegas!

Yes this is the time that Mobile Beat Magazine has their show in Vegas. It has always turned out to be a really good show. So my son is going this time and would like to see if there is any other DJ’s from around the Pittsburgh, Pa. area that is considering going to the […]

14 Jan

DJ’s Bad Experiance?

I was just strolling thru some of my older posts today when….. across the news channel it showed a little 8 year old girl. It to me after seeing what she was doing and what had happened, I thought. How many of us as DJ’s would have been as cool as her and just keep […]

07 Jan

LED’s DJ’s New uplighting

It is now the time to learn about LED’s and how they can be used for different things that we use as a DJ. I know that a lot of you have just bought a lot of your new stage lighting using LED’s. But you are now getting to use them for up-lighting around the […]

04 Jan

DJ Lighting and Cables

Lately I have been asked about what to do with all that extra wire that we carry around with us. Yes there can be a lot of ugly wire showing all around our equipment. So what do I do to make it look appealing to the eye and keep it safe so nobody will trip […]

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