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16 Jun

The DJ looks for more MPG

As we the DJ goes out to do our job, it fails to say that gas plays an important part of our profession. So we either keep our vehicles well tuned-up or……… we try one of those New Gadgets that claim that they will boost your gas mileage and give you a boost in Power!!!!!!

So I had taken in a few products and had asked the experts for their scientific explanations on these devices.

First up, the promoter of our first one claims that his “Fuel Line Magnets” will break up “Clumped” fuel molecules so the gas burns more efficiently. But you have to understand that gasoline molecules “Don’t Clump Up”. They even said that they don’t respond to magnetic force.

Second ……. we have those “Ionizer Clips” that you clip to spark plugs. Supposedly they are to increase combustion efficiency. But when tested, they seemed to do just the opposite by serving to decrease power and even caused an engine fire.

Next up ……. we have one of those fancy spinning Vortex Generators. Which are said to mix fuel more efficiently with air. But all in all, they say that all they do is reduce the air-flow into the manifold which leads to reducing power.

Forth on my list is those Vapor injectors, which are said to convert raw fuel to vapor outside the engine for increased performance. But in reality….. engine computers prevent any of these such benefits.

Next up in fifth position we have water injectors……. These use technology that provide emergency power in WWII planes. But all tests show that this doesn’t work in cars.

Last, we have a device that plugs into the cigarette lighter and claims to “Smooth out Noise” in electrical systems and increase the mileage. No such gain was found in tests by Popular Mechanics and Consumer Reports. When asked……. what does the device do? “It lights up when you plug it in!” Claims CR”s Sue LaColla.

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