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17 Oct

The Perfect DJ Website …… OR IS IT?

While watching today’s news, I came across a very interesting article. It showed that the “SESAME STREET”  site on YouTube, was hacked into.
What they did was replace the fun loving puppets with some really hard core porn.
It wasn’t up for very log, but long enough to make it to the news. The YouTube problem was soon removed.

So this got me to thinking about my own website.

So now is the reason that I checked my website and my links to YouTube, just to see if anything changed from when I placed it on the site.

Now would be a GREAT time to checkout your own site. This would also be a great time to make those long over due updates or changes that you have been wanting to make to your website.

The BOTTOM LINE is …….. if SESAME STREET can be hacked….. who says that you can’t!

Thank you and keep on reading!

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