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13 Dec

How much do YOU make for djing?

Just sit back and think what you would get as regular pay scale: $7 hour,40 hours a week, at $14,460 dollars a year. Basic Wedding dj, one job a week $650, $33,8000 dollars a year. And then if we do 2 jobs a weekend, $1300 a weekend, $67,600 a year.

So if you are like me and needed more money. So this is why I kept my regular job. I had one of those jobs where it paid a pention for me and my family. It also gave me a lot more, like: Health, Dental, and vision care.

It also made me need more money to go to great restaurants …. where we liked to eat and PLEASE …. Don’t forget all the bills and all the great vacations that my family liked to go on.

So I hope that this gives you some idea or some idea about how much you would need for you Radio djing job…… OH!!! Don’t Forget that you didn’t have to pay any extra for schooling…. most places pay you to update yourself. And all those extra business perks that you may Receive from time to time. OW WOW!!!!!!

So now ….. figure it out about what a Radio dj gets.

Thank you and keep on Reading!

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