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23 Dec

The New DJ or Gadget Man

Today I was just looking at a program on T.V. which led me to believe if today’s music makers are DJ’s or are just Gadgeteers.

As DJ’s, we always looked for the best products to use, but all it seems to say is “Look at the Gadgets!”

Just for the sake of some of the DJ’s out there, let’s go down somewhat of the path of the Basic DJ.
First we just started out with one turntable: but playing long songs songs was out of the question. Then we had a choice of using just a pair of turntables. This led us to our first gadget: the mixer, which allowed us to blend two records together so they seemed like one.

Then along came the 8 track player, it made the dj’s job a little bit lighter but it didn’t last very long.

Then came the cassette tape. Some said that they said that this gadget would follow the way of the 8 track tape, but they were wrong. it changed the music industry and made it easy for everyone to listen to their favorite albums while walking around. they even came out with a cassette deck that would read the blank spots on the tapes, so this made it easy for the dj to get to the song that he needed. This made the life of a DJ a lot lighter in weight versing the heavy weight of the record. In size, instead of being 12 inches, they were justĀ  only 4 inches.

Next….We had this gadget, which was placed ion front of the DJ booth or used just around the dance floor. Yes…. I’m talking about all the Spotlights, Spinning balls, Pulsating strobes and anything else that we can add to make the dance experience out to be one of the best to get people up and dancing. Now we have the new gadgets that are smaller and brighter, and are called L.E.D. ‘s. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes.

With these new gadgets, we have been able to use more of them and not have to worry about all of the HEAT made by a lot of the older lighting effects.
With these we can light up the whole hall to make it a memorible experience. This is done by these lights at the pillars of the hall in the colors of the bridal party.
then there is other lighting gadgets that allow us to accent the ceiling or the walls with snow flakes or even stars. Even now we have Professional lights that allow us to project the wedding couples names on the main wall. It even allows us to use it for company events where their logo can be show on a big screen or wall.

And then….. To talk about our Music. We are in an ever changing and fast paced computer& midi & deck controller music nightmare of gadgets.
This includes all the different formats of music: cd’s, mini disc’s, mp3’s, mp4’s, midi controlled…… and who knows how many other different decks and controllers that can be used along with all of the programs that are there to make our life a little easier with all of the GADGETS.

So now ….. are we a MASTER OF GADGET control or are we …. THE DJ.

I think that I am the DJ …… and I don’t care what my wife says about ” HOW MANY NEW GADGETS DO I HAVE TO HAVE THIS TIME ……

Thank you and keep on reading.

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