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This is a blog site to help inform the new DJ as well as the old DJ on ideas, business questions, new products and the tried and true.

This page was originally written by DJ Wild Bill (Bill Jakub) Who past away January 2013. DJ Wild Bill was 56 years old and has been in the business of DJing since I was 14 years old. He will be sorely missed in the DJ community and family.

He was the one most of the dj’s would come to when they had a problem with their equipment or their patch cords.

We, as a group always had fun doing different things, such as car cruises, outdoor block parties and weddings. Some nights at the local bars, we would trade off on doing the job. Such as one hour I would do it then next hour someone else. I used to have a total of twelve dj’s working with us for many of years.

With that said it brings me to the idea that I could put some of my thoughts and wisdom together for others to read about and if other dj’s had any points of interest or ideas to add that this would be the best place to put them, for everyone to see.

JFFDJ has been handed off to his Son Also (Bill Jakub) of Pittsburgh Vibes Unlimited. He as been an integral part of the business and has taken the family business to the next level. From upgrading all the sound and incorporating up lighting, photo booths, gobos, dancing on the cloud and more to the business.

JFFDJ is now here to show you what can be done and how to do it. If you have questions please ask. Shoot us an email or let us know how we can try to help you out with your business.

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Thanks the JFFDJ Crew.

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