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06 Jan

DJ tries to bet ideas for Anneversaries, Weddings, Birthdays

I know like most of you, you get asked to do a class reunion or even a wedding anniversary. These are really nice jobs to do since you, at this time in your profession, you already have most of the old songs that they want in your bos of goodies. But when it comes to […]

30 Aug

Pop Music Hits, Music Lists, Song Chatrs, Popular Music.

Comments, e-mails, letters, and other DJ’s comments has now led me to find one good “Music List” site. I have been doing this blog for quite a while and I still only use one site for all my music information.It has been one of the best for all of the years that I have been […]

22 Jun

DJ Music software Glossary and Terms

It was brought to my attention that I didn’t finish what I had started. That was what I called the DJ Glossary and Terms. It started of as just a few simple pages and then started to add up with each and every day that a New Program came out. They always had a new […]

11 Feb

Scratch All The Way – *-* Live *-* A Mixing Concert

Greeting Everyone – I just found a great video on Google Video that is a nice resource for anyone that likes DJ ing – Mixing – Trying to be a DJ, Wants to learn DJing or pick up a few tips. But first I need to tell you to find a comfortable seat, grab some […]

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