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19 Jan

Before starting your own DJ Business-Some questions you should ask yourself!

A lot of people during this recession, dream of starting their own business. We have a small list of questions where, your answers will help determine if this small business venture is for you, or it will give you some kind of idea of where you should spend more time in your planning. Are you […]

10 Mar

DJ tries to unravel the mystery of our electronics! I HOPE.

Life has many unfounded rules and conundrums such as 1) Am I still healthy 2) Should I make bookings way into the future 3) What happens if I broke my leg? Well! I can’t tell you anything about life’s mysteries, but, I may be able to take some of the guesswork out of our electronic […]

09 Aug

DJ Performance

Time now to talk about how well do you do at a wedding or a special gig that you have done. HOW DO YOU KNOW? You really don’t unless you hear someone talking about you. How do you know if you will get another booking? Will you get a referral from them? You will never […]

08 Jul

Most Requested songs for DJ’s to play!

Everyone has been asking, “What are the all time Number One played Songs.” So I have done a pole and looked at a lot of dj sites to see what they consider the most Requested Songs of all time. So this is the list that was put together and in no particular order. We had […]

24 May

Mobile DJ Show, Seminars,and a Learning Experience!

I have always wondered why most of the dj shows are out in Las Vegas, somewhere I myself could not go. I just got my new issue of Mobile Beat Magazine. much to my supprize, I saw on page 8 of the magazine that they will be holding different shows around the area with the […]

12 Mar

wedding DJ’s wedding plan list part 4

I’m going to try and finish this whole thing up in this entry. 11……. Now comes the time to ask if you utilize lighting? And what kind. To answer this, i had to look at all the stuff that I have in storage in my garage. (Space where the car can’t fit in.) When you […]

17 Sep

Wedding Reception Songs for a Modern Wedding.

Here is some song suggestions that will help you do a modern Wedding. You may even have some suggestions of your own. Even the Bride and Groom may have some song suggestions that you can put into use for the Wedding. If you have any other song suggestions, please leave me them in the “COMMENTS” […]

27 Aug

Mobile DJ Success Lesson ABC’s

Here is going to be a few simple tips on how to be your best.Most dj’s feel that they are liked by everyone out there. But there is another dj or an iPod out there to help your survival rate go down. A: you will never know how good you are really doing until you […]

08 Aug

Wedding Related Information Pt7

THE FIRST DANCE-DON’T WAIT FOREVER TO DO IT AND DON’T DO IT FOREVER. The First special moment at the wedding is the bride and grooms first dance. Having the first dance after dinner is the best way to start the party moving. Don’t delay the first danceso the could meet with guests, they will have […]

05 Aug

Wedding Related Information Pt5

USE QUALITY TIME IN PLANNING THE GRAND ENTRANCE The Grand Entrance can set the energy for the rest of the reception. Work closely with the dj and the catering director to stage the best entrance to the hall. Decide who will participate, where they will assemble and in what order. They will also have to […]

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