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19 Jan

Before starting your own DJ Business-Some questions you should ask yourself!

A lot of people during this recession, dream of starting their own business. We have a small list of questions where, your answers will help determine if this small business venture is for you, or it will give you some kind of idea of where you should spend more time in your planning. Are you […]

10 Mar

DJ tries to unravel the mystery of our electronics! I HOPE.

Life has many unfounded rules and conundrums such as 1) Am I still healthy 2) Should I make bookings way into the future 3) What happens if I broke my leg? Well! I can’t tell you anything about life’s mysteries, but, I may be able to take some of the guesswork out of our electronic […]

24 Feb

DJ Equipment Repair / Warrenty?

Are you like some of us that has our mixer, laptop, etc., break down when you need it the most. That’s right…. our favorite player went down and we are burning mad about it. So we get our player…….drop it off at the repair center……..and hope for the best. That’s right……A lot of us get […]

14 Jan

DJ’s Bad Experiance?

I was just strolling thru some of my older posts today when….. across the news channel it showed a little 8 year old girl. It to me after seeing what she was doing and what had happened, I thought. How many of us as DJ’s would have been as cool as her and just keep […]

03 Jan

DJ ponders BIG equipment or Personal touch.

Today I will talk about one of my bad habits. This is the habit of when I have extra cash flow, I would always try to go out and buy one of those newfangled gadgets that I just had to have. But, you have to keep in mind, what does your client SEE or HEAR? […]

25 Aug

DJ with Laptop, Laptop Basics to DJ with.

In this entry, I have been asked, what type of laptop do you have to have to hook-up and dj with. Well, this can be a good basic computer to use. I will give you the laptop specs to look for. 3 USB 2.0 ports 1 hdmi v1.2 connector 8x dual layer dvdr with dvd […]

24 May

Mobile DJ Show, Seminars,and a Learning Experience!

I have always wondered why most of the dj shows are out in Las Vegas, somewhere I myself could not go. I just got my new issue of Mobile Beat Magazine. much to my supprize, I saw on page 8 of the magazine that they will be holding different shows around the area with the […]

12 Mar

wedding DJ’s wedding plan list part 4

I’m going to try and finish this whole thing up in this entry. 11……. Now comes the time to ask if you utilize lighting? And what kind. To answer this, i had to look at all the stuff that I have in storage in my garage. (Space where the car can’t fit in.) When you […]

20 Feb

Hooking up headphones and microphones to your laptop. Part #2

Now to continue on with hooking up the “RIGHT EQUIPMENT” to the correct device for your laptop use. Soooo, your now looking for an easy-to-use audio interface that provides you with an excellant USB solution, that allows you to use your own CD player or your own torntables along with your favorite DJ-ing software. Well […]

19 Feb

Hooking up headphones and microphones to your laptop. Part #1

Most of you are starting out, as I, in the laptop dj mode. So a lot of Questions have come to ask, “How do we connect and use our headphones and mics…..” At first, I was just as confused you. (I had never thought I would do this.) I kept looking thru different stores for […]

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