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04 Jan

DJ Lighting and Cables

Lately I have been asked about what to do with all that extra wire that we carry around with us. Yes there can be a lot of ugly wire showing all around our equipment. So what do I do to make it look appealing to the eye and keep it safe so nobody will trip […]

04 Dec

Death of a close friend, Maybe.

By now, you probably have heard that the 1200 Turntable will be becoming another thing of the past. Just like the cassette tape, the eight track tape player and needless to say the “45”. Not the gun, but the seven inch piece of vinyl that they called the record. I think that I am really […]

03 Sep

dj controller

Vestax VCI-300 USB MIDI DJ Controller Model Options: Vestax VCI-300 USB MIDI DJ Controller $799.00Dent & Scratch $749.95Non Factory Sealed $779.95 Product Description Vestax VCI-300 USB MIDI DJ Controller Vestax and Serato have joined forces with the Vestax VCI-300 USB MIDI DJ Controller. Sharing their technology and compiled feedback from Pro DJ’s and users from […]

19 Aug

How to DJ a Wedding with an iPod, From an iPods point of view!

Today I am going to do this story from the view of a iPod. Hello, I am a shiny new iPod. I have the retail value of around $400, and am able, according to my owner, be able to dj a wedding. I know that I am able to hold all kinds of songs so […]

13 Aug

DJ Reminisce’s

I know that for some of you feel that you have just started DJing and what do you have to listen to a DJ Reminisce about old times. It all really comes down to the fact that the “OLD” really does in a way, meet the “NEW” in a most unusual way. By this I […]

06 Aug

DJ Lighting Equipment

So now is the time to talk to you about adding some lighting equipment. But before you build your lighting set, we have to discuss about the different types there is so you would know what would make people want to get up and dance or just sit there! Remember that the mood you make […]

05 Jul

iPad, iPad, iPad! DJ from them!

A lot of you still ask about how you hook up a computer to your mixing board. But now, how about hooking your iPad to the mixer and how easy it is to use it. I know that I am not the up with all of the new products, so I had to see if […]

28 Jun

Talking about DJ downsizing.

Most of the older DJ’s are looking for smaller and lighter speakers to use with their systems. Most DJ’s don’t want to lug around big speakers that weigh in at One Hundred pounds and more. Some just do small gigs or just don’t need to show off how loud they can be! I have been […]

23 Jan

This DJ wonders if he is still a DJ or now a member of the band?

Today in our life, our music and the new styles are getting to be more and more popular. Some people are finding out newer and more interesting ways of doing our job. Whether you keep on going the old school route of mixing, scratching and figuring out some of our best overlays, to make an […]

12 Jan

DJ reviewed Mixmiester vs Virtual DJ

Remember that I am only one DJ giving his opinion on what he thinks has to have another Question asked. What are you going to be using the program for? Just mixing or are you going to use it to make your own mixes to be used at an event. Both programs have their good […]

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