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16 Jun

The DJ looks for more MPG

As we the DJ goes out to do our job, it fails to say that gas plays an important part of our profession. So we either keep our vehicles well tuned-up or……… we try one of those New Gadgets that claim that they will boost your gas mileage and give you a boost in Power!!!!!! […]

08 Feb

Bose speaker for DJing?

I have to talk about the speakers that most DJ’s use lately. Some have been going for the types that allow you to use separate amps. and speakers so you could match the speaker to the job you do. Some have been getting the self-powered types by the amp. companies that they like. These come […]

07 Jan

LED’s DJ’s New uplighting

It is now the time to learn about LED’s and how they can be used for different things that we use as a DJ. I know that a lot of you have just bought a lot of your new stage lighting using LED’s. But you are now getting to use them for up-lighting around the […]

03 Sep

dj controller

Vestax VCI-300 USB MIDI DJ Controller Model Options: Vestax VCI-300 USB MIDI DJ Controller $799.00Dent & Scratch $749.95Non Factory Sealed $779.95 Product Description Vestax VCI-300 USB MIDI DJ Controller Vestax and Serato have joined forces with the Vestax VCI-300 USB MIDI DJ Controller. Sharing their technology and compiled feedback from Pro DJ’s and users from […]

05 Jul

iPad, iPad, iPad! DJ from them!

A lot of you still ask about how you hook up a computer to your mixing board. But now, how about hooking your iPad to the mixer and how easy it is to use it. I know that I am not the up with all of the new products, so I had to see if […]

12 Jan

DJ reviewed Mixmiester vs Virtual DJ

Remember that I am only one DJ giving his opinion on what he thinks has to have another Question asked. What are you going to be using the program for? Just mixing or are you going to use it to make your own mixes to be used at an event. Both programs have their good […]

01 Nov

Wedding Drinks

I know that this to some of you would not even be considered, But as you read, It may seem like an item that you could offer along with your Bridal services and Business Event Functions. It supprized me that these people were able to keep up with the group that we had at a […]

29 Oct

Halloween Songs

It has come to my attention that it is going to be Halloween and some of you may be in need of some songs to play for this night. So here is a partial list of someof the good songs you can use for you event! Michael Jackson – Thriller Alice Cooper – Welcome to […]

08 Jul

Most Requested songs for DJ’s to play!

Everyone has been asking, “What are the all time Number One played Songs.” So I have done a pole and looked at a lot of dj sites to see what they consider the most Requested Songs of all time. So this is the list that was put together and in no particular order. We had […]

29 Jun

When is it time to call nite a night?

I have looked at a lot of DJ Forums. There seems to be a question in everyones mind as to play one more song or not? It seems rediculus that a lot of the comments were about the same. When talking about a DJing job, it seems to everyone attending, that we don’t get paid […]

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